COMMUNITY VOICES | Celebrate National Aperitif Day with William Grant & Sons Lillet

Thursday, May 15th is National Aperitif Day and there is no better way to celebrate than with a palate cleansing French Lillet.

With delicate flavors of grapes infused with hints of fruit, any of the Lillet varieties—Blanc, Rouge, Rose—are appeasing all on their own.  The light flavor of Lillet Blanc which leaves lasting aromas of candied oranges, honey, pine resin and exotic fruits would be the perfect gift for someone special or treat to enjoy on your own.

To make any occasion more special, try going the extra mile and shake things up with a few of the mixed cocktail recipes provided below.

"Lil-Lily Pad"

1 ¼ oz. Lillet Rosé

¾ oz. Hendrick's Gin

¾ oz. fresh squeezed grapefruit juice

¼ oz. crème de violette*

edible poppy flower

orange twist (discarded)

Build all ingredients in shaker, add ice and shake vigorously. Strain and serve in a rounded cocktail coupe (about 5.5-6 oz. "coupe" shaped "martini" style glass, with stem). Zest cocktail with orange twist, discard twist. Garnish with edible poppy flower, floating "lily pad" style.

*Recommended violet syrup recipe:

2 parts Hendrick's Gin

1 part Monin Violet

1 part simple syrup


2 parts Lillet Blanc

1 part cooled fruit tea blend of your choice (recommended peach, raspberry, orange, etc.)

½ part honey syrup*

2 parts soda water

Large wedge of fresh lemon

Small mint spring

1) Steep tea for no more than three minutes and allow to cool

2) Build spirit and cooled tea in Collins-styled glass

3) Add ice and top with soda water

4) Garnish with lemon wedge and small mint sprig

* = equal parts honey and water

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