Confetti with friends

According to a June, 2013 report, adult cell phone ownership rates have reached 91 percent and virtually all of them are equipped with free text-messaging (after the pricey monthly fee that most of us begrudgingly volunteer). If you are among these ranks, then you can join me in a little game I invented years ago. It’s called “Confetti” and it will surprise and delight.

This game is to be played when with a group of friends. Look about the room and discern what mutual friend is not present. Agree that each of you will send this friend a text message about an agreed upon subject. It can be as simple as “What Betsy is doing right now” or “Jose's next career move”. You may want to get more specific and elaborate. Everyone takes five minutes or so to think of and enter a personalized, creative message based on this previously agreed upon subject.

But, wait! Don't send it just yet. Make sure everybody is ready with their message. Everyone then holds up their phone and simultaneously presses send. Confetti! Now you are free to share what silliness you each came up with and hear back from your surprised (and hopefully delighted) friend.

There is much magic and play beneath the surface of our seemingly mundane lives. It’s my hope that you discover and/or create this magic and spread the joy. If you decide to participate in this experiment, I'd love to hear about it!

Ben is a resident of 21st Ave and founder of the Corcoran Free School. He can be contacted at <blinzme1 [at] gmail [dot] com>.

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