New bus route connecting North and Northeast Minneapolis starts running March 10

Metro Transit has announced a new weekday local bus route that will connect North and Northeast Minneapolis starting March 10, with service on Broadway extending to the west end of St. Paul’s Midway neighborhood. The westernmost point in the route is Golden Valley Road and Xerxes; it travels Broadway starting at Girard. The easternmost point is Pillsbury Street and Charles Avenue in Saint Paul (just east of Hampden).

Buses will serve the Quarry Center on New Brighton Boulevard in Northeast, the Northeast Minneapolis Industrial Area and, and when it opens June 14, the Raymond Ave. Station in St. Paul on the METRO Green Line.

Buses will operate every 30 minutes between 5:20 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., then every hour until midnight, according to information on the website (route map copied above).

  • I wrote, and published the comment below in the year **2001** VvVvVv- March 06, 2001 10:47 PM CST NEEDED: FULL BROADWAY BUS ROUTE AND NORTH STAR RAIL STATION AT BROADWAY/CENTRAL Why have City Council Leaders Joe Biernat and Jackie Cherryhomes deprived the Northside Community of a new rail station at Broadway and Central Av.? Lake Street Renewal includes a bus route along all of Lake Street and on into St. Paul with a grand connector to the new Light Rail Line at Hiawatha Av. Don't we need the same? Why did our two civic leaders remain mute when a classic BAIT AND SWITCH was played on the whole Northside? 1.THE BAIT: A rail station at Broadway/Central was penciled into a plan for the new North Star Rail Line coming down from Elk River and St. Cloud to DT Mpls. 2.THE SWITCH: Once the Government $$$$$ was in place, the station was moved farther south toward DT to better serve White collar types AKA-WHITE PEOPLE at the cost of easy access for Northside commuters AKA-THE REST OF US! People want jobs to advance themselves. A quick commute by train to jobs up north of us is ideal for the bottled up work force in Northside Neighborhoods. A bus line running the full length of West Broadway Av. N and Broadway St. NE should connect to that rail line and the factory and warehouse jobs of North East Mpls. It would clearly benefit West Broadway Restoration. Jackie and Joe, you pulled the plug on our rail station instead of fighting for it, who's $$$$$ are you working for now? - by Keith David Reitman on Sat, 03/08/2014 - 6:26pm

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