10th Annual Book and Bake Sale: More than just a fundraiser

Last Saturday, nearly a dozen people waited outside CNO’s front door as the book sale’s 9:00am start time approached. Some of the early risers sell books online and hoped to nab a deal, but others had their kids in tow, or stopped by after an early morning run—faces still red from cold and exertion.

Thanks to the abundance of eager readers, sponsors, and the enticing aroma of homemade baked goods, the book sale raised over $1,900.00 for Corcoran Neighborhood Organization. The money supports programs in Corcoran, such as the Midtown Farmers Market and Mujeres en Accion Y Poder.

Although raising money is an important aspect of the book sale, it is clear that the event is more than just a fundraiser. Many neighbors, book fanatics, and sellers commented on the annual sale as they stepped up to the front desk to make final purchases. One of my favorite comments came from a bearded man in his early 60’s. As he piled Tolstoy, Sevareid’s Canoeing with the Cree, and Pogo comics on the table, he said, “I know I’d like living in this neighborhood because the selection of books here is so good! People in Corcoran read the same things I do.” From behind the front counter, as I witnessed neighbors catching up with one another; departing with hugs and plans to meet up again later this week, or perhaps next month when “things slow down again,” I couldn't help but agree with the bearded man: who wouldn’t like living in a neighborhood as great as this?

Thank you to the sponsors who made the 10th Annual Book and Bake Sale a success: David K. Porter Law (lead sponsor), Providence Place, Anderson Mortuary, Bridge Realty, Thompson Exteriors, The Moral Omnivore, Chatterbox Pub, May Day Café, Matt’s Bar, and Moon Palace Books.

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