Minneapolis council member Blong Yang, on 100 days in office: "Don't lose faith in government"

Fifth Ward Council Member Blong Yang told NorthNews the most surprising aspect of his new job is how much hard work it is. He said there are lots of meetings with developers and business people, though he is, at 100 days in office, getting a chance to tackle the agendas on which he ran, and hoping to hear more from resident constituents.


House, Senate hash out University of Minnesota funding differences

Aside from the University of Minnesota’s multimillion-dollar request for construction and upkeep projects throughout its five-campus system, more state dollars are on the line this session.


St. Paul leaders call for fewer farm antibiotics

At least 23,000 Americans die every year from antibiotic-resistant infections, some of which may come from exposure to livestock antibiotics that end up in food.


A year out, University of Minnesota reflects on tuition freeze

Most University of Minnesota undergraduates didn’t see a tuition increase this year, but others weren’t so lucky.


Minneapolis school budgets — and a parent's passionate plea

Minneapolis Public Schools community engagement session (Photo by Sarah Lahm)

When community members showed up for a "community engagement session" on the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) budget, ready with lots of input for the district, MPS officials said that allocations for the 2014-2015 budget have already been made. Apparently, the MPS community engagement was planned as telling community members what the budget was, not asking for their input.


People’s Gallery on University in St. Paul welcomes local artists

The People’s Gallery collective, from left: Gennie Alberti, Ayanna Murata,Theresa Jarosz Alberti and Bob Alberti. (Photo by Lori Hamilton)

The People’s Gallery is ready for action.


St. Paul District 12 zoning proposal meets opposition

The St. Anthony Park Community Council has tabled a proposal to change the zoning code in north St. Anthony Park to allow additional dwelling units to be built on single-family lots. The council is considering creating an ad hoc committee or task force to study housing density in District 12 and hear neighbors’ views about the zoning proposal.


15 for its 15th: Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation to host grant challenge to improve neighborhood

In honor of its 15th anniversary, the Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation is hosting a $15,000 grant challenge. The competition will open May 11 with an announcement at the special Music in the Park/Community Foundation anniversary concerts featuring the New Standards.


St. Anthony Park Area Seniors wants to know what seniors want

St. Anthony Park Area Seniors is launching a study with a Wilder Foundation research team to find out what prospective clients may want from the organization.


House, Senate conferees start budget deliberations

Rep. Lyndon Carlson, Sr., chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, second from left, and Sen. Richard Cohen, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, second from right, listen as House and Senate staff begin a comparison of the supplemental budget bills, during the first meeting of the conference committee April 22. (Photo by Paul Battaglia)

As the conferees for the supplemental budget bill began their work on Tuesday night, the House and Senate chairs had a sense of déjà vu.