E-DEMOCRACY | Section 8 Housing - where it is in St. Paul

From: Sarah Geving Date: 7:03pm, Sep 20

There was some discussion around Section 8 housing last night, as well as on this forum. I'm attaching a graph of Section 8 by zip code (above), as well as a spreadsheet that I connected with the census data, that shows population, number of households, number of rentals, etc.

I know formatting will not carry over, so I'll include the columns of % of Section 8 of rental units per neighborhood, and you can open the spreadsheet to see if there's more you want to dive into. I think incomes, property values, employment could all be added to make the data even more rich.

% rental section 8 Neighborhood

12% Frogtown/Thomas-Dale
12% East Side - generally White Bear Ave to Payne
10% East Side - East of White Bear
9% West Side
9% East Side - west of Payne
8% Hamline/Midway-Mac Groveland- Merriam Park
6% Downtown
6% North End
6% Highland Park
6% West 7th
5% St Anthony - west of Midway
1% Como-St. Anthony
1% Mac Groveland

Click here to view the spreadsheet: http://forums.e-democracy.org/r/file/qxeUIW8VaCfjqxEPfHCaEjReZzO-3Cg-2qBfF9H/pop%20by%20zip%20code.xlsx

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