A bike route runs through it: U.S. Bike Route 45

This summer, signs will go up along the Mississippi River Trail announcing it’s newest designation – U.S. Bike Route 45. The nearly 3,000 mile interstate route begins at the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Itasca and ends at the Gulf of Mexico. According to maps from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the route will run right through our backyard – just head down to the bike trail that runs along West River Parkway.

This past March, the Minneapolis City Council completed the Minnesota portion of the route when it approved the resolution to designate portions of existing on- and off-street bikeways in Minneapolis as a part of U.S. Bike Route 45.

“Designating the entire length of USBR 45 shows a strong support for bicycling in Minnesota,” Tim Mitchell, Minnesota Department of Transportation bicycle and pedestrian coordinator, told the Adventure Cycling Association. “The route is a unique collaboration among many local communities and state authorities. It creates regional connections and shared interests.”

Currently there are nine total national bike routes in the nation, with more in development.

With this resolution, the city agrees to maintain the signs along the route. The project is funded in part by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

View the Minnesota portion of the bike route.

(Image courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Transportation)

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