Getting on board the Earth Train: Six-year-old Minnesota boy heads to DC rally "to save the moose"

Six-year-old Theo Holdsworth said he showed up at the St. Paul Amtrak station at 7 a.m. "to save the moose." He was one of more than 100 Minnesotans sang along with Prudence Johnson and Simone Perrino at the send-off for the Earth Train delegation heading to Washington DC for the Forward on Climate rally at noon on February 17. The rally, billed as the largest climate rally in history, is organized by, the Sierra Club, Hip Hop Caucus and dozens of other national and local organizations, to urge President Obama to provide strong leadership to curb climate change.

The sing-along included "Earth Train" set to the tune of Cat Stevens "Peace Train" and heartfelt sharing from passengers answering the question "I'm riding the Earth Train because..." Minnesota novelist Louise Erdrich said, "I want my children and grandchildren to live in the beauty I have known;" and Barry Brooks of Maplegrove said, " I am doing this for my six-year-old granddaughter. And Theo Holdsworth is riding the Earth Train to Washington "to save the moose."

Reporting for this article supported in part by Bush Foundation.

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