FREE SPEECH ZONE | Farview Hmong Soccer Players Help Sanneh Foundation at Gala 4 Goals Fundraiser

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Jay Clark

Farview soccer players with Tony Sanneh, at Gala 4 Goals fundraiser

On February 2, Farview Hmong soccer players went to support the Sanneh Foundation’s Gala 4 Goals fundraiser.

The Hmong soccer players went on stage to let others know how the Sanneh Foundation has helped their players and  team. 

Talking in front of hundreds of people at Gala 4 Goals Fundraiser

10 Year old Jee Vue had to stand on a chair to reach the microphone.  She said:

“My name is Jee Vue.  We play soccer for Farview Park in North Minneapolis.  We are Hmong refugees,were born in Thailand, and are still learning English.  Our families are very poor.  The Sanneh Foundation donated soccer shoes to half our soccer players.  We loved coming to the Sanneh soccer camps this summer.  With the Sanneh Foundation’s help, we won two city championships last year and  two more championships this year.  Thank you Sanneh Foundation.”

Trying new foods

The Farview soccer players also had the chance to sample new foods they couldn’t pronounce, such as Gorganzola cheese and Portabello mushrooms.

Good job, girls!

The Sanneh Foundation’s Gala for Goals was held at the Depot in downtown Minneapolis.  Farview Park is located in North Minneapolis.

Last summer, over 50 soccer players participated in the Sanneh soccer camp at Farview Park

Sanneh soccer camp at Farview Park

Get the ball away from Tony Sanneh!

Having fun at Sanneh soccer camp

The Sanneh Foundation donated soccer shoes to half the Farview soccer players

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