New Year's Resolution: Close the Achievement Gap, one student at a time

There are dozens of volunteer opportunities across the Twin Cities.

Searching for a way to give back this year? Think about volunteering as tutor. Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation and Volunteer MPS are just two partnership organizations that will help match your volunteer preferences with a tutoring program in either Saint Paul or Minneapolis. Each year, about 500 new volunteers are matched with a program through Volunteer in MPS. With a new term starting, both these organizations are searching for reliable people to join these rewarding programs.

Each of our interns in the last semester (Fall 2012) had volunteered in a tutoring program. As part of their final project, they put together a series of stories — a list of volunteer tutoring opportunities, an evaluation of what makes tutoring effective, and three individual stories, linked here

On-line application:
Location: Thirteen sites district wide
Grades: K- 12
Tutoring Hours: Vary depending on school, typically between 7:30am- 3pm
Contact: Differs for each school (see site for details)
Contact: Maggie Jacoby Maggie [dot] Jacoby [at] sppsfoundation [dot] org

Volunteer in MPS
Individual school volunteer pages for more than three dozen schools in Minneapolis.
On-line application:
Next volunteer orientation: January 8! (Other orientations later in the semester as well)

Besides these two programs, which can match volunteers with many different opportunities, other nonprofit and school opportunities are listed below:

Saint Paul

Athletes Committed to Educating Students (ACES)
Locations: Various sites district wide
Grades: Pre-K - 8
Tutoring Hours: Monday- Friday, after school (3:30- 6pm)
Must commit to 8 weeks, 1 day/ week for approx. 2.5 hours
Contact: Catherine Maun, St. Paul Program Coordinator
catherinediersen [at] aces4kids [dot] org
612- 331- 3454

American Indian Education
Location: Various sites district wide
65 E. Kellogg Boulevard (Office)
Grades: K- 12
Tutoring Hours: Monday- Friday 7:30am- 3:30pm
Contact: Cynthia Johnson
cynthia [dot] s [dot] johnson [at] spps [dot] org
(651) 744-4015

American Indian Magnet School
Location: 1075 3rd Street East
Grades: K- 6
Tutoring Hours: Mon-Fri. 8:05am-4:45pm
Must commit to at least 1 hour/ week
Contact: Nathan Patrash
npatrash [at] minnesotareadingcorps [dot] org
(651) 744-6226

Breakthrough St. Paul
Location: 2051 Larpenteur Ave. East
Grades: 6- 12
Tutoring Hours: Varies depending on student needs
Must commit 3-4 months, approx. 2 hours/ week
Contact: volunteer [at] breakthroughsaintpaul [dot] org
(651) 748- 5504

Building Blocks Tutorial
Location: Cherokee Park United Church
371 Baker St. W.
Grades: 1-4
Tutoring Hours: Tue, Thus 3-5pm
Contact: Jill Jackson
buildingblocks [at] usfamily [dot] net
(651) 228-1378

Central Community Services
Location: Central Baptist Church
420 Roy Street
Grades: K- 6
Tutoring Hours: Tues, Thus 3:15- 6pm
Contact: Terri Hansen
terrilhansen [at] msn [dot] com

Dayton Bluff Achievement Elementary School
Location: 262 Bates Ave
Grades: K- 6
Tutoring Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm, Mon-Wed 3:15-5pm

East Side Learning Center
Location: Four sites district wide
Grades: K- 4
Tutoring Hours: Varies depending on site, Mon- Thurs
Contact: Victoria Perkins
victoria [dot] perkins [at] spps [dot] org
(651) 793- 7331

Hmong American Partnership, Hmong Youth Pride
Location: Battle Creek Middle School
2121 North Park Drive
Grades: 3-8
Tutoring Hours: After school enrichment program
Contact: HR [at] hmong [dot] org

Jackson Preparatory Magnet Elementary School
Location: 437 Edmund Avenue
Grades: K- 6
Tutoring Hours: Mon- Fri 8:30- 3pm
Contact: 651-293-8650

Keystone Community Services:
Hmong Youth and Family Program
Location: McDonough Homes Community Center
1544 Timberlake Road
Grades: K- 12
Tutoring Hours: Mon- Thurs 5-8pm
Contact: volunteer [at] keystoneservices [dot] org
(651) 603-6650

Neighborhood House
Location: 179 E Robie St
Grades: K- 12
Tutoring Hours: Mon- Fri 3-8pm
Minimum of 50 hours commitment
Contact: Riley Karbon
rkarbon [at] neighb [dot] org
(651) 789- 3626

Obama Service Learning Elementary
Location: 707 Holly Avenue
Grades: K- 6
Tutoring Hours: Vary
Contact: (651) 293-8625

Project for Pride in Living
Location: 710 Selby Avenue
Grades: K- 5
Tutoring Hours: Tues, Thurs 5:30- 7:30pm
Contact: Joan Bennett
Joan [dot] bennett [at] ppl-inc [dot] org
(651) 208- 4416

Project SPIRIT
Location: Four sites district wide
1671 Summit Avenue (office)
Grades: K- 8
Tutoring Hours: Mon- Thurs 3-6pm
Contact: Rev. Dr. Darcel Hill
dhill [at] spacc [dot] org
(651) 592- 4128

Rockstar Supply Co.
Location: Como Park Senior High
710 Rose St
Grades: 9- 10
Tutoring Hours: Mon/Tue 9-11am, Tue/Thur/Fri 12-1pm, Fri 9am-2pm
Contact: Brittany, Volunteer Coordinator
brittany [at] rockstarsupply [dot] org

Saint Paul Public Library
Location: Eight district wide
Grades: K- 12
Tutoring Hours: Typically Mon- Thurs 3-7pm, Sun 1-4pm
Must meet at least 1 hr/week for at least a semester
Contact: Mark Saldana
Mark [dot] saldana [at] ci [dot] stpaul [dot] mn [dot] us
(651) 266- 7437

West 7th Community Center
Location: 265 Oneida Street
Grades: K- 8
Tutoring Hours: Mon- Fri 2:30-6pm
Contact: Aaron Wanserski
awanserski [at] west7th [dot] org
(651) 298- 5493, x211

YWCA of Saint Paul
Location: 375 Selby Avenue
Grades: K- 3
Tutoring Hours: Mon- Thus 2:45-5pm
Contact: volunteer [at] ywcaofstpaul [dot] org
(651) 265-0701

Academia Cesar Chavez
Location: 1800 East Ames Avenue
Grades: K- 6
Contact: Martha Dominguez
mdominguez [at] cesarchavezschool [dot] com
(651) 294- 4643

Ain Dah Yung Center
Location: 1089 Portland Ave
Contact: Jim Berling
jim [at] aindahyung [dot] com

Saint Paul/ Minneapolis

Volunteers of America: Experience Corps
Location: Multiple locations
Grades: K- 3
Tutoring Hours: Vary
One year commitment of 4-15 hrs/ week
Contact: Janet Triplett
jtriplett [at] voamn [dot] org
(952) 945- 4164

America Reads Literacy Initiative
Location: Multiple locations
Grades: K- 8
Tutoring Hours: Vary
Contact: Jennifer Kohler
jkohler [at] umn [dot] edu
(612) 626- 6748


Athletes Committed to Educating Students (ACES)
Location: Various sites district wide
1115 E. Hennepin Ave (office)
Grades: Pre- K- 8
Time: Varies, Mon- Fri 3:30- 6pm
Contact: Emmy Matzner
emmymatzner [at] aces4kids [dot] org
(612) 331- 3454

Tutoring Hours: After school, evenings
Contact: Tashia Weisenburger
volunteer [at] aeonmn [dot] org
(612) 746-0524

Field Community School
Location: 4645 Fourth Ave. S
Grades: 5-8
Tutoring Hours: Tues, Thurs 2-5pm
Contact: Yonah Kambale
Yonah [dot] Kambale [at] mpls [dot] k12 [dot] mn [dot] us

Location: 111 3rd Ave South #5
Grades: 9-12
Contact: Marika Pfefferkorn
mpfefferkorn [at] achievempls [dot] org
(612) 455-1570

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