Voter ID opponents march in South Minneapolis

(Photos by James L. Stroud, Jr.)

On Sunday, August 26, 2012, an estimated 400 concerned citizens/protesters converged at the Sabathani Community Center in South Minneapolis. The group marched from Sabathani Community Center to Martin Luther King, Jr. Park for a rally and protest against the Voter ID amendment placed on this year’s ballot.

The Sabathanites Drum Corps were the flagship group for the march. The purpose of the rally was to educate, motivate and inspire people to vote no on photo ID and encourage others to do the same. The rally was organized by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Council. The event included guest speaker Dr. Josie Johnson and music from members of the Sounds of Blackness.

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James L. Stroud Jr.'s picture
James L. Stroud, Jr.

James L. Stroud, Jr. writes for the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder.