St. Paul Garden Club makes a difference

The Saint Paul Garden Club has been working on Dayton’s Bluff projects for decades. They were key to the development of Swede Hollow Park and have continued to support Swede Hollow projects. They won the Garden Club of America’s Founders Award in 1977 for their work on Swede Hollow.

Over the years the club has accomplished many things for Swede Hollow Park, including raising funds for park development; designing and creating the sign at the Drewry tunnel entrance; and providing funding for plantings. Garden Club members working with Friends of Swede Hollow have donated their unneeded plants and their time to plant in the Hamm Wildflower gardens in the upper part of Swede Hollow Park. A 2011 grant provided support for new plants and flowers around the Drewry Tunnel, making this park entrance more inviting for visitors, and creating better habitat for birds and wildlife.

The Saint Paul Garden Club has supported/worked with the Community Design Center of Minnesota, which has offices at 731 East 7th Street and works with young people working on gardening and park improvement projects.There are seven Children’s Gardens on the east side that young people work on. They have also done a lot of work at the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary and Swede Hollow Park in Dayton’s Bluff.

The Garden Club has done extensive work with the Lower Phalen Creek Project on the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary projects. This includes providing funds for plant materials, planting trees, holding Sanctuary open houses, and so on. As you can see from the photo here, they also help with our large rain garden between the Swede Hollow and the Sanctuary.

The Saint Paul Garden Club has played an important role with the Flowering Business Pots Program sponsored by the Dayton’s Bluff Area Business Association and the Dayton’s Bluff Community Council. The Garden Club has donated funds to purchase more plants and flower pots. This is both a beautification and traffic-calming project that improves the look of the business streets.

We do deeply appreciate all of help that the Saint Paul Garden Club has given to Dayton’s Bluff over the years.

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