Local newspapers win national awards

Three Minneapolis neighborhood organizations received a GOLD-level Neighborhood Newsletter award from Neighborhoods USA, a national non-profit organization supporting neighborhood organizations.

Cocoran Neighborhood Organization produces the longest standing publication, The Corcoran News. Founded by long-time resident Dorothy LaDue and published 11 times a year, it has been hand-delivered to every Corcoran residence and business since 1985.  Recent editors including Melanie Casiday, Ginny Gelms and Kath Lenk revived the volunteer effort behind the production. Resident-produced columns include a beat by youth reporter Oscar Cozza, Horoscopes by Alissa Fountain, neighbor profiles & sketches by Thomas Roark, and a friendly neighborhood advice column by The Meddler.


SENA News became a regularly produced bi-monthly newsletter in 1997 when a couple of residents – who happened to be editors by profession – volunteered to co-edit the publication.  While Ann King and Judy Peacock agreed to do the job on a temporary basis, they are still producing the eight-page newsletter today, along with photo-editor Heidi Sonsteby-Naughton.  Regular features include a spotlight on a neighborhood business, Events at the Parks, a Neighborhood Feature highlighting a resident or community amenity, and a Neighbor to Neighbor section where community members may thank a neighbor for good deeds done.  SENA is published by the Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association, and is mailed to every residence and business in the neighborhoods it serves.

Lyndale Neighborhood Association prints the most ambitious project, Lyndale Neighborhood News, a 16-page color newspaper published 11 times per year.  The paper is staff-driven with community input, and is described by Executive Director Mark Hinds as the organization’s “primary communication vehicle” with community members.  LNA relies on partner organizations such as schools, the Business Association and City Council member to provide some of the content.

Local residents and business owners contribute as well, producing the columns Walking the Greenpath on issues of sustainability and Where the Wild Things on neighborhood pets and their owners.  The paper also includes business highlights, a neighborhood volunteer spotlight and a section published in Spanish.

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Cynthia Frost

Cynthia Frost (Cynthia [at] MidtownMpls [dot] com) is a real estate agent, attorney and investor.  She serves on Corcoran Neighborhood Organization's Board of Directors.


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Just want to add that there are a great bunch of volunteers who make the SENA News happen.  There have been many over the years, but right now the list includes Joyce Boettcher (who is a long-term contributor), Nykol Johnson & Sam Ridenour.  I'm not going to attempt to give you the long list of volunteer writers and photographers who have contriubted over the years - I'm sure I would miss somebody.

Also, just a clarification, that both Ann and Judy were involved with the newsletter committee before 1997 - that's just the year they agreed to become "temporary" co-editors. You can checkout our newsletter archive on the SENA website at: http://www.standish-ericsson.org/news/news-archive/news-archive.htm