NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | An African Safari in Mpls?

 Many years ago, I remember going to an African Safari Restaurant on Nicollet. There were dusty displays with warm soda and my palate that was at the time, untrained for the spiciness of the cuisine. After many years of training, I am no venture into the "chiliest" of cuisines. Something, frankly, I'm quite proud of in my modern day age.

On a freezing Saturday, O and I decided to try something that would take us mentally off the icy Minnesotan afternoon. So we climbed our way out of the apartment and into this spacious establishment. I ordered Keke Noodles - home made noodles with a buttery cream sauce. The noodles were chewy and the creamy sauce hit the home made comfort that I was seeking. O, on the other hand, ordered the Beef Solan that tasted good, but unfortunately, reminiscent of leftovers placed in the microwave.

Still, a good find. Maybe not at 3 pm, after the lunch rush, since O's food didn't taste fresh. I thought it cute that the waitress offered us an apple banana as it's customary to always have a banana with your meal. I decided to eat mine at the end - as dessert - to curb my sweet tooth. I'd like to go back again another day for another go.

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Venora Hung

Venora Hung is an attorney and Daily Planet neighborhood correspondent for Downtown West. Contact her at venorahung [at] gmail [dot] com.