Black Books event draws literature fans of all ages in St. Paul

Never before in either of each life had they been able to make such a choice like no other slave they knew of. Child, that freedom is something! They was both shy and kind of bashful. Though Lord knows they had been through so much in life, seen so much in their life, been made to do so much. Family, by J. California Cooper

Nothando Zulu performed a moving and emotional reading from Family at Rondo Community Library on February 17, but her performance was only a segment of the latest Givens Foundation for African American Literature Black Books event.

The literary work the foundation spotlighted this evening was that of the celebrated playwright and author J. California Cooper. Cooper has received tribute from the numerous literary critics. Alice Walker, who is best known for writing The Color Purple, describes Cooper's writing style as "deceptively simple and direct."

The February 17 Black Books event began with Zulu's dramatic reading performance of selections from J. California's Cooper's first novel, Family. The novel provides a slave narrative that effectively details the lives of slaves with emotional complexity. Cooper weaves together an entertaining and lovable, multi-generational cast of characters.

Zulu's dramatic reading was followed by a discussion of the novel, including critiques of the book by Nothando Zulu and noted literary scholars Carolyn Holbrook and Davu Underwood Seru.

After the discussion, members of the audience commented on Family and other Cooper writings. This admission-free event was open to the general public, and the first 30 attendees received free copies of Family.  The event not only helped to introduce Cooper's work to a new audience, but directly catered to the dozens of enthusiastic Cooper fans in attendance. About 50 fans, ranging from high schoolers to the elderly, came to celebrate Cooper's books. "A lot of people love her work. We actually have teens all the way up to senior citizens that love to read her books" said  Givens Foundation Assistant Director Eartha Bell.

Ezra Hyland, one of her many fans said, "Her stories are so relatable that I think it was a brilliant choice to choose her as your featured author." Zulu echoed the same sentiment: "J. California is my favorite author. She really is. She sounds so relatable, that it's like you're having a conversation with a friend or like you're talking with family."

Arleta Little, the organization's executive director said, "The Givens Foundation's mission is to enhance cultural African American literature and writers." This Givens Foundation for African American Literature event helped to celebrate Black History Month, and is part of their community reading campaign,Givens Black Books. Little also stated that the Givens Black Books reading campaign was designed with the goal of increasing access to and engagement in the literary arts in the Twin Cities' African American community."

The Givens Foundations seeks not only to showcase the artistic prowess of unsung black authors, but to help up and coming generations to cultivate their creative writing skills also. "We'll be doing group discussions on J. California's books in North Minneapolis, and then will do literary workshops where we'll be teaching the kids how to do their own creative writing," Bell said. "Then they'll get the chance to perform their writing on local radio station KBEM. " .

If you would like to get involved in any of the Givens Foundation's future events and to learn more about the Givens Foundation for African American Literature at their website.


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Upcoming events from the Black Books program

Feb. 28, 2011-  Youth Discussion Group at Arlington Library
Students from Face-to-Face Academy and Community of Peace will discuss Cooper's Homemade Love, led by Givens' literary artist Beverly Cottman.

Mar. 2, 2011-  Community Book Discussion Series at Pillsbury House Oak Park Center
6:00pm. Free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. 1701 Oak Park Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55411. Please join Oak Park students, families and community members in discussing Cooper's collection of short stories, Homemade Love.  Discussion will be led by locally and nationally acclaimed storyteller, Nothando Zulu. For more details and to pick up a copy of the book, call:  612-377-7000.

Mar. 23, 2011- Black Men Reading Book Discussion at UROC
6:30pm. Free and open to the public.U of MN Urban Research and Outreach/Engagement Center. 2001 Plymouth Avenue North, Minneapolis 55411. Join Book Club Black Men Reading and Harvest Prep School teachers for a conversation about Cooper's novel Family.

Mar. 26, 2011- Community Book Discussion Series at Sumner Library
2:00pm. Free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. 611 Van White Memorial Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55411. Featuring Cooper's American Book Award winning collection of short stories, Homemade Love.The celebration will include a live performance by an acclaimed local storyteller and a discussion of Cooper's work and  contributions to African American literature. Copies of Homemade Love and discussion materials will be available to participants while supplies last.

Apr. 16, 2011- Literary Luncheon featuring author: J. California Cooper
12:00pm. Nicollet Island Pavilion, 40 Power Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401. Admission- $50. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. in partnership with the Givens Foundation for African American Literature presents its 15th Annual Literary Luncheon. J. California Cooper will discuss her work. Lunch will be served, live music, giveaways and more! For tickets contact: mspdst [at] yahoo [dot] com or (6120) 259-1472.

St. Paul Public Library at University and Dale


Monday: 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Tuesday: 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

461 N. Dale
St. Paul, MN

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