Leadership forum crafts united urban agenda

The Rev. Jerry McAfee gets applause for his call to come together despite differences within the African-American community.

They came together for the greater good. A one-day gathering of several hundred at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs was convened by the African


Is MPR for Black folk?; Two radio veterans hope to attract more diverse listeners

Jonathan Blakley (l) and Toni Randolph (r); Photo by Charles Hallman.

After nearly six months as Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) program director, veteran newsman Johnathan Blakley is overseeing “a variety of new podcasts [and] new voices.”


Professors Join Fray Over Mall Protest Prosecutions- Bloomington Responds

The #blacklivesmatter protest at the MOA.

University professors and researchers are joining the call for City of Bloomington prosecutor Sandra Johnson to drop charges against organizers of a “black lives matter” protest at the Mall of Amer


St. Francis School District considers eliminating Columbus Day from calendars and communications

The logo used by Minneapolis honoring Indigenous Peoples Day

When Ursula Clarin’s  child came home from Kindergarten in the St. Francis school district with a worksheet about how Christopher Columbus “discovered” America, she was frustrated.


How the Minnesota DFL Lost Their Narrative

    One can already see the Minnesota Republican political narrative for 2016 and it is not pretty for the Democrats.  Simply put the narrative is that the DFL is out of touch


Student fees set for an increase

If the fees committee’s initial recommendations stick, student fees will increase by more than $30 each semester.

Next year, University of Minnesota students may have to dish o


Mission to Cuba would make Minnesota farmers first to market

In mid-December the Obama administration announced it would begin to normalize relations with Cuba, opening the door to potentially lucrative new markets.