State lawmakers announce agreement on raising minimum wage

The co-chairs of the Raise the Wage Coalition addressed the media after state lawmakers announced agreement on legislation to raise the minimum wage. From left are Minnesota AFL-CIO President Shar Knutson, Children's Defense Fund Minnesota Executive Director Peggy Flanagan and Joint Religious Legislative Coalition Executive Director Brian Rusche.

After being deadlocked for weeks, state lawmakers announced an agreement Monday to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage to $9.50 an hour and index it to inflation. Legislative leaders said pressure from citizens was critical to moving forward.


What's the real Teach for America? TFA Truth Tour tells surprising stories

Nick Faber, St. Paul Federation of Teachers and Leewana Thomas, Mac student and organizer with United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS). (Photo by Christina Cerruti)

Every year thousands of students from more than 800 universities and colleges across the U.S. apply to become Teach For America (TFA) corps members, hoping to gain teaching experience with youth in low-income schools. The TFA Truth Tour told stories of under-prepared recruits, and sweetheart contracts between schools and TFA. 


GLOBAL GROCERIES | Saying goodbye to Josephs Mexican and Lebanese Market on St. Paul's West Side

It seemed as if the whole Westside neighborhood had stopped by to say goodbye. After 38 years, Gene and Irene Josephs were closing the doors of Josephs' Mexican and Lebanese Market in St. Paul. For two days at the end of March, hundreds of people showed up, bringing cards and gifts as a way to show their appreciation.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Councilmember Blong Yang gives City Hall tour to North Minneapolis Hmong students

Photos By: 
Jay Clark

22 people crammed into councilmember Yang's office, setting new record

On March 28, Newly elected Minneapolis councilmember Blong Yang gave a tour of City Hall to 20 North Minneapolis Hmong students on spring break from school.


COMMENTS of the WEEK | Midtown Farmers' Market site development

There’s a serious and complex discussion underway about development possibilities for the Midtown Farmers Market site at Lake and Hiawatha in Minneapolis.


Kahn, Noor head to primary battle as convention fails to endorse

Longtime State Representative Phyllis Kahn lost out on a DFL endorsement at the 2014 Senate District 60 Endorsing Convention on April 5, as Somali candidate and current school board member Mohamud Noor brought enough delegates to keep her vote total below the 60 percent needed for endorsement. The convention at De La Salle High School, which lasted nearly 10 hours, ended without an endorsement of either candidate, leaving them both to vie against each other in the August primary.


Midtown Farmers Market, transit-oriented development dominate discussion of site redevelopment at Corcoran Land Use and Housing meeting

Don Sabre, of Hennepin County Human Services, speaks at the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization's Land Use and Housing meeting.

The future of the 6.5 acre parcel of land at the corner of Lake Street and 22nd Avenue was once again up for discussion at the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization’s Land Use and Housing meeting


ST. PAUL NOTES | Easiest recycling ever — here's how

Photos from Eureka website.

Recycling just got simpler in St. Paul, as single-stream arrives on Monday, April 7. That means no more sorting: cans, bottles, plastics, paper all go in the same container.


House passes wide-ranging supplemental budget bill

Rep. Lyndon Carlson Sr. and Majority Leader Erin Murphy confer on the House floor during the lengthy April 3 debate on the supplemental budget bill. (Photo by Andrew VonBank)

After years of being mired in large budget deficits, the House on Thursday dived into the unfamiliar territory of advancing hundreds of millions of surplus dollars.