Primed for power: Patricia Torres Ray is working to launch more women into office

(Photograph by Sarah Whiting)

State Sen. Patricia Torres Ray is on the campaign trail even though she is not running for re-election this year. She is busy working to get other women elected to political office.


Women's Advocates, nation's first women's shelter, marks 40 years in St. Paul

There are more than 1,500 battered women's shelters in the United States today. Forty years ago, there were none - until Women's Advocates opened its doors in St. Paul. Since then, the shelter has served over 38,000 women and children, housing 50 at a time - typically, about 30 kids (ranging from a few days old to late teens) and 20 women - and it receives about 16,000 crisis calls per year.


Minnesota-based Kofa Foundation supports Ebola survivors

The recent news that a patient at a Dallas hospital has the Ebola virus has caused a stir in the United States. But for many Americans, Ebola has already hit very close to home.


TC Weekend | Mpls. Underground Film Fest, Blues N' Brew, Twin Cities Oktoberfest & more!

It’s beginning to feel and look a lot like fall in the Twin Cities! The first weekend of October is ushering in cooler temps and a lively roster of events to ease you into the season. Scroll down for the lineup and see Pumpkins, caramel and more; Twin Cities fall fun for fall-themed events taking place this weekend.   

If you know of an event fit for TC Weekend or upcoming holiday/seasonal events, use our calendar to upload the event, or send an email to tcweekend [at] tcdailyplanet [dot] net.


Twin Cities Veg Fest shows eating vegetarian doesn’t mean losing taste

(Photo courtesy of Compassionate Action for Animals)

When Sal Kravik became a vegan 12 years ago, she didn’t eat the way she does now.

"When I first changed my diet … there were so few options," Kravik said. "Vegan cheesecake was not a thing."


You don't need to be Irish to visit Irish on Grand!

Maeve O'Mara and Liam O'Neill were just stopping in Minnesota from Ireland on their way to Australia when they came to St. Paul and decided to stay and settle down.


Rev. David W. Smith: A modest suggestion to Senator Al Franken on Gaza

Senator Al Franken recently responded to my concerns over the Israeli attacks on Gaza this past summer.


Law School's new Center for New Americans aids immigrants navigating the legal system

(Photo by Michael Hicks published under Creative Commons License)

Pe Paul Goromou came close to getting booted out of the country.


In Cedar-Riverside protest, youth link terrorist recruitment to lack of resources

(Photo by August Schwerdfeger published under Creative Commons License)

A group of Cedar-Riverside youth marched through their neighborhood’s streets late Tuesday afternoon to demonstrate against terrorism, the stereotyping of Muslims and what they said was a lack of community resources.


As Election Day nears, changes take effect to ease voting concerns

(Photo by Chris Phan published under Creative Commons License)

Jacob Frey is helping voters prepare for the unexpected this Election Day.