Saundra McCoy: Minnesota Vikings fans stadium feelings

Last week while driving home from work on Interstate 35E, I noticed the progress of the new Vikings Stadium. Well at least the massive piles of steel that it will be built from.


Saundra McCoy: Minnesota cold

It is apparent that Twin Cities residents have taken into account the recent temperature change.


Minneapolis Public Schools CIO Rich Valerga steps down

(Photo from Rich Valerga's twitter account)

Controversial Minneapolis Public Schools’ Chief Information Officer Rich Valerga is gone, according to district sources, who say Valerga announced his exit at a hastily called staff meeting on Monday, Nov. 3.


[VIDEO] Election coverage and outcomes via the Uptake

Updated Nov. 5, 10:00 a.m.

The counts are in and the winners named. If you missed the victory speeches last night, we got you covered. Check out re-elected state Senator Al Franken's speech, and re-elected Governer Mark Dayton's speech below, along with live tweeting of the outcomes.


VIDEO: Final Franken- McFadden debate

(Still from video below)

Senator Al Franken (DFL) and his challenger Mike McFadden (R) engaged in their final debate Sunday night at the Fitzgerald Theater.


Anti-LGBT Minnesota Family Council endorses Yolandita Colón, Clark opponent in Mn-62A race

A religious right group has endorsed a candidate running against one of Minnesota few LGBT legislators.


Food-to-booze ratios hit the polls

Minneapolis voters will decide on Election Day whether to repeal a decades-old rule requiring that some restaurants make no more than 30 percent of their income from alcohol sales.


Rebecca Gagnon: From birth to college, MPS must provide quality every step of the way

One morning a week for the past 5 years I’ve volunteered at a pre-K program in North Minneapolis sponsored by my church. For 2 ½ hours, myself, another volunteer and a teacher work with 10 to 15 four and five year olds to prepare them for kindergarten and provide them a solid footing to graduate from high school. Quality early childhood programs are a proven best practice to closing the achievement gap. MPS’s High Five pre-K program has expanded significantly since its inception almost a decade ago, and 82% of our students entering kindergarten with a High 5 experience are meeting or exceeding the standard benchmark for literacy. It is unconscionable that we continue to have a wait list of over 500 students and inadequate funding and space to meet the need.


Lee Samelson: Will Republicans get away with their economic sabotage?

Since Barack Obama took office, Senate Republicans have used over 440 filibusters to block or kill even some of the most routine legislation.


Lynnell Mickelsen: Why all the conspiracy theories and pearl-clutching in this year's school board race?

This has been the hottest school board race I’ve seen in 25 years of living in Minneapolis, with lots of conspiracy theories and pearl-clutching.