How do your wages stack up? New analysis pinpoints cost of living in Minnesota

As debate swirled at the State Capitol in recent years over whether – and how much – to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage, lawmakers found themselves confronted with a question their own experts could


Student documentary explores media portrayals of women

This documentary explores how the media portrays women and how that affects how women see themselves. It specifically links media portrayals with body issues and eating disorders in women.


THEATER REVIEW | Gertrude Stein and a Companion

Founding artistic director Bain Boehlke’s enduring triumph in Twin Cities arts, The Jungle Theater, opens its 25th Anniversary season with its se


HN county attorney challenges staff to reduce Black youth incarceration

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman (Credit: Charles Hallman)

Taxpayers nationwide pay an estimated $8 to $21 billion each year to keep juveniles in jail according to a December 2014 Justice Policy Institute report, which found that the national average confi


Meet the Abu Huraira Islamic Center

Front row (left to right): Nur Ahmed, Sh. Abdirahman Omar, and Sh. Ahmed Burale. Behind them are Attorney Nikki Carlson and Sh. Abdirashid Tuure. Sh. stands for Sheik, a term for Muslim leaders and clerics. (Matt Grimley)

With a box of Little Caesar’s pizza and a chai tea, Abdirahman Omar sits down at a long table inside the building at 3055 Old Highway 8 in St. Anthony.


Lawmakers listen as educators share ‘achievement gap’ success stories

As Minnesota leaders in K-12 education continue to work toward their shared goal of narrowing the achievement gap, the House Education Finance Committee is looking t


HRC: Minnesota is ‘solidifying’ equality but lags on important issues

The Human Rights Campaign recently launched a new index rating the states on LGBT equality, and while Minnesota ranks well above many other states, the report notes some glaring inequities particul


Who protects the protectors?

Trista Matascastillo, left, and Jill Troutner. Photograph by Amber Procaccini.

A man and woman are in the car ahead, and the car has a veteran's license plate. Which one is the veteran?


Sexual Violence Center heals wounds of ‘a rape culture’

(Credit: Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder)

Small, quaint, intimate, private, relatable — words to describe the space and the open house held by the Sexual Violence Center in North Minneapolis.


Residents get on board for Penn Avenue redevelopment

As reported by the Camden News last summer, the Penn Avenue Community Works Project has a collaborative team comprised of Hennepin County, City of Minneapolis, and Metro Transit employees.