Gay candidate vying for spot on Minneapolis School Board

David Joseph DeGrio is running for Minneapolis Public School Board. The chemistry professor says that sound science and accurate history are important to school curriculum. DeGrio earned the endorsement of Stonewall DFL, the LGBT caucus of Minnesota's Democratic Party, at a recent meeting.

"Our schools must reflect the values of our community; this can only be achieved by a bottom-up approach where the Board builds trusting relationships with the community and listens to community input before making policy decisions," DeGrio said in a press release announcing his candidacy.

"We must continue to support school curriculum that studies the history of discrimination in our country, whether it be against people of color, women, religious minorities, sexual minorities, immigrants like my grandparents or today's new Americans," he said. "This is not to say that the specific forms of discrimination against each of these groups are to be equivocated; rather discrimination, as a broad issue, is analogous. Discrimination is always intended to divide society into 'us' v. 'them.' By teaching children the lessons of the past, they will inevitably arrive at the conclusion of equality. We already see this happening."

"David has been a long time advocate on issues of equality and has the professional experience to provide a uniquely valuable and much needed perspective to the Minneapolis Public School Board," said Del Jenkins, chair of the Stonewall DFL.

School board election will be held this November. DeGrio, an eastside Minneapolis resident, is running for a citywide spot on the board.

DeGrio has secured the endorsement of openly gay Minneapolis City Council Member Robert Lilligren and Nimco Ahmed, associate chair of Senate District 62 in Minneapolis.

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    "Nimco Ahmed, associate chair

    "Nimco Ahmed, associate chair of Senate District 62 in Minneapolis."

    Nimco is in SD61, not 62.