The not-so-common Loon: New study warns of decline

(Photo by Pete Markham published under Creative Commons License)

By 2080, Minnesota may be without its state bird during the summer months.


Minneapolis considers banning e-cigs

(Photo by Joseph Morris published under Creative Commons License)

Minneapolis may soon equate vaping with smoking.


HRC, OutFront Minnesota condemn transphobic ad in Star Tribune

(Photo by Andy Birkey) The full-page ad, published in the Sept. 28 Star Tribune sports section, was from the Minnesota Child Protection League, targeting a proposed policy to allow transgender students to participate in high school athletics.

On Monday, the Human Rights Campaign and OutFront Minnesota criticized an ad bought by the anti-LGBT group Minnesota Child Protection League which was placed in the Star Tribune’s sports section on Sunday.


NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | October-November 2014 Standish-Ericsson community calendar


7 Senior congregate dining, Sibley Park (19th Ave. S. and E. 40th St.), 11:30 a.m.


Hmong youth engaged in the North Minneapolis Greenway

"Greenway yog ab tsi?", or "What is a greenway?" in the Hmong language, is a question that has been asked more than 100 times of North Minneapolis community members in and near Hmong International Academy by middle school students of color in the YMCA Beacons Minneapolis program at Hmong International Academy (HIA) – a Minneapolis Public School in the Jordan Neighborhood of North Minneapolis.


Student bonfire sheds light on college access

(Photo by Sabrina Kennelly) Students from Augsburg, Macalester, St. Thomas and the University of Minnesota gathered around a bonfire in Como Park last Saturday, Sept. 27 to discuss topics like the achievement gap, college access and the coverage of minorities in the media.

Huddled around a bonfire in Como Park, eating s’mores, 14 college students sat and told each other a different kind of horror story — the story of the state’s achievement gap.


Video: Express Bike Shop

Minnesota 2020 went to the Express Bike Shop in St. Paul to learn more about Youth Express and their apprenticeship program for young adults. Youth Express, a program of Keystone Community Services, is a program created to help young adults develop entrepreneurial skills, work ethic and leadership. Keys Stone's investment to Youth Express helps provide a paid employment opportunity for youth who are joining the work force or those who may have already had a little work history.


17 debates that could determine Minnesota's future

Could a handful of debates really determine Minnesota’s future?

Consider this: Minnesota’s legislature has changed hands twice in the last four years on what amounts to a few votes per precinct. Elections for U.S. Senate and Governor both triggered recounts because they were so close. One Minnesota congressional district has flipped from one party to another the last three elections.


LIVE Debate double-header: Sen. Al Franken vs. Mike McFadden, Gov. Mark Dayton vs. challengers Jeff Johnson and Hannah Nicollet

Sen. Al Franken has been all business and few laughs during his first term in Washington. However, Republican challenger Mike McFadden has been going for the laughs with his campaign commercials showing him taking a punch in the lower extremities from a youth football player.


Bill Sorem, local media and activism on Democratic Visions

Retired advertising executive Bill Sorem has become a familiar figure at demonstrations and protests staged by the likes of Native Americans, peace advocates, equity activists, minimum wage propone