NEWS DAY | Leaving the Daily Planet


3 thoughts on “NEWS DAY | Leaving the Daily Planet

  1. Mary, your strong creative influence in/on The Planet is evident perhaps not to everyone, but surely to any even marginally-critical reader of TDP. Now retlired, I include your sheet in my daily morning mental ablutions, along with the STrib and NYT, both also on-line. Your leaving will force me to follow a lonstanding plan to drop by and make eye contact, as well as get a walk-thru of your plant[s]. See you soon! JD

  2. I would also like to thank Mary for her years of dedicated service to the community. The Daily Planet was simply the tool she used to carry out that service, and I’m sure she will continue to serve in new ways going forward. I also appreciate the many hours she took out of her day to meet with international journalists from around the world and providing insight on how new media works at the grassroots level. All the best – Daniel

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