How Your Neighborhood Can Use the Daily Planet

The Twin Cities Daily Planet is a nonprofit community news website that showcases the best work of ethnic and neighborhood publications, as well as the voices of engaged citizens and journalists. It’s a unique local forum for sharing information, building community, holding the powerful accountable and working together for the common good. What does that mean for your neighborhood organization? We recognize that your members are among the most civically engaged and knowledgeable people in the community. We want to be a tool for your organization’s members to share opinions and information with others, whether they’re a neighbor across the street, an official at city hall, or a reader somewhere around the world. Once you create an account, you’ll be able to upload newsletter articles, add events to our community calendar, submit letters to the editor, and comment on stories others have shared. Publishing an article or an event is about as simple as sending an e-mail. Your content will then appear on a professional-looking website that’s read by several thousand people every day.

Ideas for using the Daily Planet

  • Publicize neighborhood meetings on our community calendar.
  • Reach a broader audience with your neighborhood newsletter by adding articles to the Daily Planet.
  • Have conversations about neighborhood issues by commenting on stories or submitting letters to the editor.

    Here’s how to get started:

    1. Go to
    2. In the blue box in Column 1, click on “Create an Account,” and follow the directions to become a registered member.
    3. After you have created an account, log in whenever you visit the Daily Planet.
    4. After logging in, you can click on the links in the blue box to update your profile, view your member page, write an article, post a blog entry or add an event to our community calendar.
    Note: All articles and events are approved by Twin Cities Daily Planet editors before appearing on the website. We reserve the right not to publish any content we find offensive or inappropriate.

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