Midway Neighborhood News and Events

The Hamline Midway neighborhood is known as active, family-friendly, and full of amenities.

Numerous civic groups address local issues from urban greening to engaging youth and elders. Shops, parks, recreation centers, restaurants, and a library are right in the neighborhood making it easy for Hamline-Midway residents to walk and bike to local destinations.Hamline University and nearly a dozen other educational institutions dot the neighborhood, drawing learners from around the metro area and beyond.

The neighborhood is centrally located between both downtowns and the State Fairground, served by high-frequency bus service and the future Central Corridor Light Rail line, and has easy access to I-94.

(Description from livemsp.org)

For detailed demographic information, see the neighborhood profile from Minnesota Compass

MUSIC REVIEW | Understated timeless cool of Jeremy Messersmith at the Turf Club

(Photos by Ann Treacy)

Man, woman, child, I don’t care who you are – everyone has a little crush on Jeremy Messersmith. He could fit into almost any era with pompadour, dark glasses and cardigan. He could play with Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly or the Bing Crosby, banter with Mr. Rogers, give him a pipe he could hang with Beaver Cleaver’s dad. The themes of his song – mostly love lost – are just as universal. And that adds to the crushability!


MUSIC REVIEW | Punk rock party at the Turf Club: Dillinger Four, Pink Mink, Whatever Forever, and NO SKIN

Photos by Ann Treacy

This week I went to two nights of local music at the Turf Club—both sold out! A great sign for the Turf Club and Twin Cities audience appreciation of homegrown music. Wednesday night was all country (Cactus Blossoms and Erik Koskinen); Friday night was punk all night. It was also a 10 year anniversary party for Ben and Sheela. I don’t know them but I want to thank them for a great night. What a fun and generous way to celebrate.


MUSIC REVIEW | Lydia Loveless at the Turf Club: A vicious storm of noise, stress, and gorgeous notes

Photo courtesy Lydia Loveless

Lydia Loveless and her band returned to the Twin Cities Saturday, November 29, filling up the reopened Turf Club with a furious noise. The crowd was bigger than her last show in April at the 7th St Entry. That has to be as a result of word of mouth as the last time The Current played her music was a week ago, on the Americana show. Though country-rock is somewhat of a staple of The Current’s playlist, Loveless’s most recent album Somewhere Else and her Boy Crazy EP is not getting the same attention as a Dawes or First Aid Kit or Lucinda Williams does on that station. Maybe we shouldn’t care, but it seems a disservice to radio listeners and music fans. Do we really need to hear Johnny Marr’s “Easy Money” or one of the songs off the horrible new Weezer record again? Probably not, the Twin Cities is worse off for not having the proper exposure to Loveless and her band, who made one of the best albums of 2014.


MUSIC REVIEW | Shonen Knife pays tribute to the Ramones in 1,000th show at the Turf Club

Photos By: 
Todd Wardrope

The spirit that drives Shonen Knife was apparent in the song that played over the PA as they left the stage: The Ramones’ “Sheena is a Punk Rocker.” While Shonen Knife didn’t play any of their excellent Ramones covers for their 1,000th show, held at the newly remodeled Turf Club, all of their music displayed how that thunderous punk rock heart of The Ramones is so important to Shonen Knife. With the recent death of the last original Ramone, Thomas “Tommy Ramone” Erdelyi, being reminded how their soul and energy remain alive in bands today was comforting and up lifting.


MUSIC REVIEW | The Birthday Suits are back with Blind Shake at the Turf Club

Photos by Ann Treacy

Sometimes a monopoly is a good thing. First Avenue seems to have a finger in anything musical happening in the Twin Cities but it does lead to some nice double headers. After seeing The Replacements at Midway Stadium, I was happy to hop over to the Turf Club to see The Birthday Suits and Blind Shake. Luckily it had occurred to me to buy tickets in advance because the show was sold out by the time I got there. And a lot of people milling about outside humming "Waitress in the Sky" and asking about other places to go in St Paul.