Merrlam Park Neighborhood News and Events

UNION PARK - comprised of Merriam Park, Snelling Hamline and Lexington-Hamline neighborhoods, is one of 17 neighborhood districts in Saint Paul. In 2007, the Merriam Park, Snelling Hamline, and Lexington-Hamline Community Councils merged into one organization to represent all residents of Union Park, hence the name, Union Park District Council (UPDC). (Information from UPDC website)

For detailed demographic information, see the neighborhood profile from Minnesota Compass.

MUSIC REVIEW | Candid Kid EP release at the Turf Club

Photo by Ann Treacy

You have to appreciate a band that plays a few new songs at an EP release party. The new songs are post-EP (Turtleneck) production. That’s a group with a lot of ideas and enthusiasm for the music. That’s Candid Kid.


MUSIC REVIEW | Mary Bue: A new freedom in Holy Bones

Photo by Jason Kokal

I was thinking about how to describe Mary Bue and her music on my walk today. She's cute and the music is light. Some songs are introspective and she seems to have a sense of humor. Then I visited her website and there were the words I needed: Pop Rock Candy. It's perfect for someone with a sweet voice and rainbow Clydesdale-like boots.


KFAI Benefit Sells Out: Mighty Mofos, X-Boys, Flamin’ Ohs and Michael Yonkers

Feb. 7 the Turf Club was jumping with a sold out crowd for KFAI’s Benefit with Friends show. It was one of those night when you dind’t need two people checking IDs at the door; not a lot of youngsters. Perhaps because the night was a flashback to the 1980s, which is maybe the last time I saw the Mighty Mofos.


MUSIC PHOTOS | The Current's 10th Anniversary featuring Billy Idol and Steve Stevens at the Turf Club

Photos by Patrick Dunn

It was great to see people packing into the sold out Turf Club in St. Paul January 19th to support and celebrate the 10th Anniversary of 89.3 The Current. It’s establishments like this that keep the Twin Cities known for being rich in the arts. The event titled Mary Lucia’s Rock and Roll Radio show created a little extra buzz as they were able to arrange for 80s rocker Billy Idol who is out on tour to swing by and squeeze in a 6 song acoustic set. Idol was packed full of charisma and his strong vocal only needed his longtime guitar master Steve Steven’s to do the music justice. The rockabilly style “To Be A Lover” was a standout and of course “Rebel Yell” was the big closer.


MUSIC REVIEW | Generations of Punk celebrate The Current: Suicide Commandos, Craig Finn and L’Assassins

Photos by Ann Treacy

Generations of Minnesota garage punk were on stage and in the audience Friday night for The Current’s ten-year birthday party. Craig Finn put a frame on that fact when he talked taking guitar lessons as a kid from Chris Osgood of the Suicide Commandos. “I learned how to be cool,” he explained, by watching Osgood turn up the stereo before he answered the phone instructing Finn “you want people to think you’re having a party.”