Merrlam Park Neighborhood News and Events

UNION PARK - comprised of Merriam Park, Snelling Hamline and Lexington-Hamline neighborhoods, is one of 17 neighborhood districts in Saint Paul. In 2007, the Merriam Park, Snelling Hamline, and Lexington-Hamline Community Councils merged into one organization to represent all residents of Union Park, hence the name, Union Park District Council (UPDC). (Information from UPDC website)

For detailed demographic information, see the neighborhood profile from Minnesota Compass.

Garden-in-a-Box: Kids are happy to eat vegetables when they've grown their own

June 14 was a perfect day for gardening at the St. Paul Midway YMCA on University Ave. The sun was shining, the weather was warm, and 40 polypropylene planting boxes, filled only with fertile black soil, stood ready for 130 kids, ages 3 to 12, to arrive.


E-DEMOCRACY | Biking on University Avenue in St. Paul

From: Carlo Axados Date: 10:54pm, May 30


Fasika: Ethiopian food worth celebrating in St. Paul

Stop #4 on the tour Around the World in the Twin Cities: at Fasika, United Foodies of Minnesota share the vegetable sampler served on spongy injera bread. Photo by Michelle Tran.

Earlier this month, when many people were welcoming spring by celebrating Cinco de Mayo, others in Minnesota were celebrating Fasika, or the Ethiopian Easter. For this month’s stop on the tour Around the World in the Twin Cities, we headed across the Atlantic to Africa by visiting the Ethiopian restaurant Fasika at 510 North Snelling Avenue in St. Paul.


Cats of St. Paul get second chance at feline rescue

"It's the people power here, I think, that makes a difference," says Kelley Leaf, Community Relations Director of Feline Rescue, Inc.


Little Free Libraries: Merriam Park

Out of the 3,000 Little Free Libraries worldwide, more than one hundred dot the front yards of Saint Paul residents. An initiative started in 2009, Little Free Libraries are a community movement that offers free books housed in small, outdoor bookshelves to members of the local community. "I chose to have a little free library because it connects me with the community," Little Free Library owner Mary Sorlie says, "and there really is something wonderful about sharing a great book." For more information on Little Free Libraries (and a map of all their locations) visit their website at