Merrlam Park Neighborhood News and Events

UNION PARK - comprised of Merriam Park, Snelling Hamline and Lexington-Hamline neighborhoods, is one of 17 neighborhood districts in Saint Paul. In 2007, the Merriam Park, Snelling Hamline, and Lexington-Hamline Community Councils merged into one organization to represent all residents of Union Park, hence the name, Union Park District Council (UPDC). (Information from UPDC website)

For detailed demographic information, see the neighborhood profile from Minnesota Compass.

Little Free Libraries: Merriam Park

Out of the 3,000 Little Free Libraries worldwide, more than one hundred dot the front yards of Saint Paul residents. An initiative started in 2009, Little Free Libraries are a community movement that offers free books housed in small, outdoor bookshelves to members of the local community. "I chose to have a little free library because it connects me with the community," Little Free Library owner Mary Sorlie says, "and there really is something wonderful about sharing a great book." For more information on Little Free Libraries (and a map of all their locations) visit their website at


Higher Ground Academy in St. Paul: Succeeding at math and reading, tackling science and art

Here's an unusual high school graduation requirement: students must be accepted into college before they are allowed to graduate. That's the rule at St. Paul's Higher Ground Academy, according to Executive Director Bill Wilson.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Open Saint Paul: What concerns do you have regarding the safety or comfort of walking, biking, or driving on Marshall Avenue? What opportunities do you see for improvement?

The City of Saint Paul has begun a community-based study to explore opportunities to improve safety and comfort along Marshall Avenue between Snelling Avenue and John Ireland Boulevard. This project builds off the 2010 Bike Walk Central Corridor Action Plan that identified Marshall Avenue as a bicycle alternative to University Avenue, as well as community efforts to improve Marshall Avenue over the last 15 years. This study may identify additional minor improvements west of Snelling Avenue, but will primarily seek to identify appropriate improvements east of Snelling Avenue. The City Public Works department has requested funding through the CIB process to implement improvements identified through this study.


Frogtown's Daily Diner dishes up meatloaf and mashed potatoes, with dignity and sobriety on the side

I still remember the days when I used to get excited about the opening of new restaurants serving exotic dishes like pho and pad Thai. But nowadays, you can find pho and pad Thai on almost every block of St. Paul's University Avenue, and my definition of new and exciting has shifted. What's new and exciting these days is the Daily Diner, which opened Monday at University and Dale in Frogtown.


St. Paul residents discuss Marshall Avenue improvement plans

Theresa Nix shares ways to improve Marshall Avenue with fellow St. Paul residents during Marshall Avenue Complete Streets Project public meeting April 10 at Oxford Community Center in St. Paul (Photo by Ibrahim Hirsi)

Marshall Avenue, which runs from the St. Paul Cathedral to the Mississippi River, brought 70 people to the Oxford Community Center on April 10 to voice their opinions about traffic, safety, convenience and possible changes to the avenue.