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Near North and Willard-Hay are richly diverse, predominantly residential neighborhoods with active residents, acres of beautiful parkland, and easy access to growing retail opportunities along West Broadway Avenue-the Main Street of North Minneapolis. Here you can find historic homes in the Old Highland community-- a 30-square block area known for its large, Victorian Queen Anne "painted ladies" that were built between 1875-1899 (see photos at:http://www.oldhighland.org) and in the Homewood community--one of the city's first planned developments built between 1900-1925. Near North is also home to Lyn-Park-a subdivision with suburban-style homes and cul-de-sacs built in the 1970s. Residents enjoy countless recreational opportunities at more than half-dozen parks, beautiful vistas of the Mississippi from West River Road, many neighborhood schools, and easy access to downtown Minneapolis. 

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For detailed demographic information, see the neighborhood profile from Minnesota Compass

Northside Forum builds alliances to bolster digital literacy

Forum participants engage in table discussion.

There was a time in our society when our relationship with technology was more like the Flintstones and less like the Jetsons.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Join 30 Days of Community with the Cleveland Neighborhood Association

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We're half way through 30 Days of Community, a series of community events in north Minneapolis put on by the Cleveland Neighborhood Association, but there's still plenty of time for you to join in


Expansion plans at Capri Theater

Imagine the Twin Cities’ best jazz venue, the Capri Theater, somewhat upstaged by a two-story addition that’s mostly windows, facing west. A courtyard, and then a new commercial building further west, with a sit-down restaurant a half block away. In our neighborhood.