Willard Hay Neighborhood News and Events



Photo by Ed Kohler licensed under Creative Commons

Near North and Willard-Hay are richly diverse, predominantly residential neighborhoods with active residents, acres of beautiful parkland, and easy access to growing retail opportunities along West Broadway Avenue-the Main Street of North Minneapolis. Here you can find historic homes in the Old Highland community-- a 30-square block area known for its large, Victorian Queen Anne "painted ladies" that were built between 1875-1899 (see photos at:http://www.oldhighland.org) and in the Homewood community--one of the city's first planned developments built between 1900-1925. Near North is also home to Lyn-Park-a subdivision with suburban-style homes and cul-de-sacs built in the 1970s. Residents enjoy countless recreational opportunities at more than half-dozen parks, beautiful vistas of the Mississippi from West River Road, many neighborhood schools, and easy access to downtown Minneapolis. 

(Desciption from livemsp.org)

For detailed demographic information, see the neighborhood profile from Minnesota Compass

A new representative for 59B

Seven candidates are seeking the DFL endorsement for the 59B Minnesota State Representative seat: Ian Alexander, Terra Cole, Raymond Dehn, Willie Dominguez, Michael Jones, Ken Lawrence, and Nancy P


Access makes the difference

Anisha Sapho (Photo by Mandi Caffery)

Her apprenticeship may have ended, but the skills Anisha Sapho gained as an apprentice with the Broadband Access Project have opened a whole new world of possibilities.


Arts, media, social justice, Summatech at North

The first students taking the newest North High School curriculum may focus their studies around arts and communications/media.


'Free range' recycling: Pilot launched in two neighborhoods

A pilot program in two Minneapolis neighborhoods will evaluate a different way to collect recyclables from residential customers.


'For our people, by our people'

Elizabeth Reed and Peter Hayden

Turning Point, Inc., a North Minneapolis-based private mental health and chemical health agency, soon plans to open its doors for a “Culturally Specific Service Center.” The one-stop comprehensive