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Standish & Ericsson are stable, thriving, yet quiet neighborhoods. Beautiful parks, playgrounds, recreational facilities, schools (both public and private) and the historic Roosevelt Community Library are amenities for singles and families. Successful small businesses offer convenience and personal attention to shoppers, while all benefit from the neighborhoods' low crime rate, safety and sense of security. The arrival of light rail, with the 38th Street Station in Standish and the 46th Street Station in Ericsson, has brought new energy, development and amenities to our neighborhoods. 

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Tesha Christensen is our neighborhood correspondent for Standish, and she wants to hear from you. Tell her about the garage sale, or a new program at the park - and ask her how to register and get your profile on TC Daily Planet!

Tesha is a recent transplant to the big city of Minneapolis from a small town one hour north where she worked for nine years as the assistant editor of her hometown newspaper. She has also written for the Isanti County News as a stringer.

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Utility box art comes to Standish-Ericsson in Minneapolis

Julie Bode painting her box at the corner of 28th Ave. and 38th St.

A new type of art has begun appearing in our neighborhoods this fall. Perhaps you have noticed the bright dragonfly outside the Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub (2716 E. 38th St.) or the painted boxes near the 38th St. light-rail station. These used to be the drab utility boxes that still can be seen on many corners. But in five places, local artists have created something unique and more satisfying to the eye.


Cedar Inn: Fun in the neighborhood

The Cedar Inn at 4155 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis

I walked past the patio and through the door of the Cedar Inn (4155 Cedar Ave. S.) at 2:00 p.m.on a weekday, dodged around a few tables full of families with their kids, and went to the bar to meet Greg Behl. Greg is not the owner of the Cedar Inn; he is much more than that—he is the person who makes it run. Greg has been coming to the Cedar Inn for more than 20 years and has seen at least five owners come and go. This is his neighborhood bar. He lives across the street and has lived in the neighborhood his whole life.


NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Pop-up art project planned for this weekend neart The Baker’s Wife and Colossal Cafe

Who defines what art is?
Define street art.
When do you think (if ever) street art is okay?
What do you think when you hear the word grafitti?


COMMUNITY VOICES | Learn about spey casting Saturday at new Standish-Ericsson business, Mend Provisions

Mend Provisions owner Mike Fischer is passionate about fly fishing.

Learn about spey casting, a technique used in fly fishing, this Saturday at one of Standish-Ericsson’s newest businesses, Mend Provisions.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Fireworks Friday night, parade Saturday morning at St. Helena Church during annual festival

St. Helena Catholic Church will celebrate its 100th birthday with fireworks on Friday night, Sept. 13 at 10 p.m. during the annual Autumn Daze celebration.