Sheridan Neighborhood News and Events

Grain Belt Brewery

Photo by Julie Fields

The Sheridan neighborhood is located in Northeast Minneapolis, and downtown is just one mile south along the trails and paths in our expanding riverside parks. The Grain Belt Area complex, adjacent to Sheridan Memorial Park on the river, is a multi-use facility that includes a public library, coffee shop, artist studios and a nationally recognized architecture firm. The heart of Sheridan neighborhood is the commercial corridor along 13th Ave. NE, which has emerged in recent years as one of the city's top arts and entertainment destinations while maintaining its very safe and cozy small town character. Sheridan is full of people who enjoy the diversity of an urban lifestyle—and going green, as 30% of households are automobile-free! (Description from

For detailed demographic information, see the neighborhood profile from Minnesota Compass


THEATER REVIEW | Follow Theater Latte Da "Into the Woods"

The talented ensemble of Theater Latte Da's productin of Into The Woods - Kendall Anne Thompson, Elisa Puhar, Brandon Brooks, Britta Ollmann, Peter Middlecamp, Greta Oglesby, Dan Hopman, Kate Beahen, Shinah Brashears, and David Darrow; photography by Heidi Bohnenkamp

Just go. There is no reason not to go. Honestly, nothing I’m about to write regarding Theater Latte Da’s production of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s Into the Woods is going to be aimed at anything other than encouraging you to go. It’s fun. It’s amusing. It’s romantic. It’s smart. It’s sad. It’s everything a good piece of musical theater should be.


THEATER REVIEW | Frank Theatre keeps us on our toes with "Love and Information"

Carl Schoenborn, Taous Claire Khazem, Joy Dolo, Emily Grodzik, Patrick Bailey, Tessa Flynn, Kirby Bennett - just part of the ensemble of Frank Theatre's production of Love And Information; photo by Tony Nelson

God bless Caryl Churchill and Frank Theatre. They just keep screwing with the art form and serving up something interesting. Frank’s latest production of Churchill’s latest play, Love and Information, is one of the more peculiar, intriguing, mind-bending pieces of theater I’ve seen in a while. Churchill’s script doesn’t trouble the theater company with things like stage directions or characters. There’s just text lined up as if it were almost an epic poem. It’s up to director Wendy Knox and her cast of over a dozen performers to decode the puzzle in their own way, assigning the dialogue to characters in scenarios of their own devising, and then just keep the whole thing spinning forward from the opening wordless images until the final dimming of the lights. Frank’s presentation of Love and Information is dizzying, disorienting, exhilarating and even a little exhausting, but all in the best ways. Frank and Churchill insist your brain remain fully engaged for the duration of the ride.


Sergei Rachmaninoff's interdenominational concert "All-Night Vigil" rocks the pews

Teri Larson (center podium) and Sara Ann Pogorely lead the combined choral ensemble in Rachmaninoff's All-Night Vigil. Photo by Emily Pilacinski

More than a hundred choristers gathered on Nov. 16 for two performances of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil in Minneapolis. This renowned but rarely heard choral masterwork packed pews and was brought to life through a joint venture between the city’s (Catholic) Basilica of Saint Mary and St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral.


Chowgirls Catering's Love Stories art exhibition curated by Rudy Fig and Katie Carpenter: A magical way to celebrate Valentine's Day

I've never really been into Valentine's Day, but of all of the holidays it's the only one where we're not somehow obligated to spend and uncomfortable and awkward day with our families. Because of this V-Day is the most versatile of our western holidays; as long as it involves the color pink and eating chocolate.


ARTS REVIEW | Revolver at the Ritz: 12 Experiments: "Like Wits but weirder"

Saturday night the literati hung out at Revolver at the Ritz: 12 Experiments. It was a high brow variety show with 12 chapters, otherwise know by the non-literati as skits. I overheard an usher describe the show as “like Wits but weirder” and I have to say, I can’t come up with an better description myself. I enjoyed it thoroughly – but I was an English major; worse yet I have arty graduate degrees. So I was probably the laser market. That being said, the show was sold out. We got lucky and they opened up more space by offering us standing room only and we took it. So in the Twin Cities the laser market of writers and performers and arts graduate degree holders must be pretty good.