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The North Loop Neighborhood, located in what is frequently referred to as the Warehouse District, offers unique housing options, entertainment, fine dining, and specialty shops-many within the original warehouses of the North Loop's historic heyday. True to the unique nature of this neighborhood, you won't find any chain restaurants in this part of town. You'll discover one-of-a-kind retailers, quaint coffee shops, eclectic restaurants, and lively nightclubs nestled in the historic buildings; many owned and operated by neighborhood residents. The North Loop Neighborhood is immediately adjacent to downtown; served by LRT and many bus routes; and is the home of the Minnesota Twins Target Field (opening in 2010), the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Farmers Market, and the headquarters of Metro Transit.

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THEATER REVIEW | Open Window Theatre's "The Potting Shed" questions religion and faith

The troubled, extended Callifer family - Dr. Baston (Charles Numrich), Mary (Meri Golden), John (David Denninger), Sara (Sarah Preissner Stanbary), James (Jeremy Stanbary), and Anne (Ali Daniels) in Open Window Theatre's production of The Potting Shed; photography by Matt Berdahl

I’m starting to wonder if Open Window Theatre is critic-proof. Because it almost doesn’t matter what I say here. If you’re a fan of Open Window Theatre, then you’re already going and you’re not going to be dissuaded. Now in the middle of their fourth season, they’re expanding their space and operating on a budget of nearly $250,000. They’ve got a strong base of audience support. Nearly all their money comes from individuals rather than big corporations or foundations. Every show I’ve seen there, the audience has risen for a standing ovation at the end. Some of their shows have charmed me, some have baffled me, but their audience doesn’t care. There is a fan base for this theater that doesn’t feel served by other theaters in town. When Open Window puts up a production, this audience feels like they’re seeing their own story onstage in a way that they don’t get anywhere else. It’s theater with an overtly Christian religious bent to it. As someone who regularly pines for a more nuanced discussion on stage of religion and faith and their place in modern life, Open Window should be right up my alley. I really do appreciate what they’re trying to do here. I just wish the theater was better. Their current production of Graham Greene’s The Potting Shed is a great example of this conundrum.


THEATER REVIEW | Pippin dazzles under the circus tent at the Orpheum Theatre

Sasha Allen and the touring cast of Pippin.

Not many shows bristle with the same visual joy and spark as the Broadway tour of Pippin, now playing at the Orpheum Theatre. Of course, not many shows are set under a circus tent bristling with acrobatics, tumbling, knife throwing, hula-hoops, trapezes, and yoga balls. Yes, you read that right—yoga balls; 6 of them, as a matter of fact, and 15 hula-hoops as well. Want something more like Vegas? How about 7 giant feather fans being sensually waved, or flaming torches if that’s more your thing?


MUSIC REVIEW | Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull a lot to like at Target Center

Photos By: 
Patrick Dunn

“Baby I like it,” is not just a line from Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull’s hit “I Like It,” it was also my impression when I left the Target Center on Saturday, February 21.


MUSIC REVIEW | Sleater-Kinney return to First Avenue after 10 years

Photos By: 
Steven Cohen

In the 10 years since they last played First Avenue, Sleater-Kinney grew into a legend of huge proportions. During the band’s previous run, it was rare for First Avenue to sell out the main room for indie bands of any stripe. Going to a show there sometimes felt like an act of rebellion; that the band, you and the few brave souls in the room were fighting the good fight - to keep rock alive, to fight for rights, to fight for art. Today, 1500 people line up upside First Avenue for hours in 0 degree weather on Valentine’s Day, waiting for their chance to see a band that embodied that fight. The trio of Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker, and Janet Weiss (with backing musician Kate Harkin) made the effort, and the fight, worthwhile.


THEATER REVIEW | Retrofabulus steampunk "Oliver!" at the Pantages Theatre fun to look at

Bradley Greenwald as Fagin (center) and the cast of Oliver. Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp.

Retro chic is not a new phenomenon, but the inevitable accentuations of the Internet Age have given rise to a newer term to describe imitations of the past that seize on select elements and exaggerate them to wondrous effect. This term, retrofabulous, is the best word to describe the Hennepin Theatre Trust/Theatre Latté Da co-production of Oliver! now playing at the Pantages Theatre. This classic tale is re-envisioned less as a gritty Dickensian tale cum musical and more as a tongue-in-cheek pageant. Victorian steampunk is the overriding design aesthetic and plenty fun to watch.