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The Elliot Park neighborhood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Minneapolis. It has a unique urban flair and much of its original historic fabric is still visible throughout the neighborhood. Elliot Park Neighborhood, Inc. staff and community volunteers work together to broaden economic opportunities and to strengthen the cultural diversity that defines the people who live and work here. Small businesses liven up the community and include a cozy coffee house and a funky restored diner. The neighborhood is adjacent to downtown and is home to several major employers-making it easy to live close (and even in walking distance) to work.

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THEATER REVIEW | "Once" hits highs and lows at the Orpheum Theatre

Photo credit Joan Marcus

My grandpa always says, "If you're ten minutes early, you're late." I'm more of the school of thought that if you're exactly on time, you're using your time efficiently. In the case of Once, do as my grandpa does and be earlier than early—so early that you have to wait for the house doors to open. Because when the doors do open, you'll find that you're invited to mosey around onstage for a beer at the cash bar and a pre-show concert from the cast members. One of my favorite nights in Ireland when I went last October was the live music at The Celt pub in Dublin. The jam session that transitioned seamlessly into Once on Tuesday, April 1 at the Orpheum Theatre made me feel like I was back in the Emerald Isle.


NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | West End December 2013 calendar of events

This calendar of events is created for over 700 neighbors of the West End. Please see our District Council/Federation website for calendar additions, corrections
and updates at http://www.fortroadfederation.org.


White professionals already cashing in on 'People’s Stadium'— But promises that construction will benefit communities of color remain unkept as deadlines approach

While there is much talk about possible delays in the construction of the “People’s Stadium,” it appears that the Vikings and MSFA are still confident it will be built. And according to a recent Associated Press (AP) article entitled, “Many already cashing in on Vikings stadium,” lots of white collar professionals have already profited from the proposed stadium.


OPINION | Viking stadium construction puts parking over people

More than a year has passed since the Minnesota State Legislature passed a plan to build the Minnesota Vikings a new football stadium. At that time HIRE Minnesota said in these pages, "If all the right steps are taken, hundreds of people of color will obtain jobs."


"OPINION | Maybe "We Get To Vote” after all: News on the Vikings stadium deal

Where will you be at 8 o’clock a.m. the morning of Tuesday, Aug. 20? I’ll tell you where you want to be: You want to be at the Government Center in downtown Minneapolis, witnessing a little slice of history.