Downtown West Neighborhood News and Events


Photo by Julie Fields

The Downtown West neighborhood is the central business district of Minneapolis.


Venora HungVenora Hung is our neigh-borhood corres-pondent for Downtown  - and she wants to hear from you. Tell Venora about the garage sale, or the music festival -and  ask her how to register and get your profile on TC Daily Planet! Email Venora at venorahung [at] gmail [dot] com.

Venora Hung, a lawyer practicing in the Twin Cities,  volunteers on several boards and dabbles in cooking and writing. Most recently she started a company called Cupcake Goddess specializing in Asian inspired cupcakes. She also enjoys exploring the Twin Cities - particularly anything that has to do with healthy living, yoga and pilates.

As such, it is home to many Fortune 500 corporate headquarters, moderate and upscale retail shops, and luxury, boutique, family-friendly, and landmark office building conversion hotels.

Nicollet Mall—which is very active with restaurants and shopping—runs south from Washington Avenue. Hennepin Avenue, with its concentration of theaters and entertainment, runs south from the Mississippi River. (Description from

For detailed demographic information, see the neighborhood profile from Minnesota Compass


MUSIC PHOTOS | Haim at First Avenue

Photos by Steven Cohen

On Monday, May 19, Haim played at First Avenue in Minneapolis.


MUSIC REVIEW | Mogwai bring bright light to First Avenue

Photos By: 
Todd Wardrope

Photos by Todd Wardrope

On Sunday, May 18, the post-rock instrumental band Mogwai brought their "Rave Tapes" tour to First Avenue mainroom. Not quite sold-out, the show still brought in a sizable crowd. Enough people to make the space look full, but still plenty of room to see or leave to get another drink if you were on the main floor. Mogwai have been around since 1995, and this show featured a handful of their earliest songs mixed in with some of the more epic songs from the last seven years. Based on the volume of the cheers as each song rolled out of the towering amps, I'd say they made the right choices for their set list.


MUSIC REVIEW | Rodriguez delights audiences at the State Theatre

Photos by Jeff Rutherford

Mexican-American Folk singer Sixto Rodriguez played to a sold-out crowd of 70s-era fans on his comeback tour at the State Theatre on Saturday, May 17. 


MUSIC PHOTOS | Slint at Mill City Nights

Photos by Jeff Rutherford.

"Last time we played in Minneapolis, it was 1989..." Slint played at Mill City Nights In Minneapolis on Sunday, May 11th with solo artist Wreckmeister Harmonies opening.


MUSIC REVIEW | Mastodon put on a production at First Avenue

Photos By: 
Emmerlee Sherman

On May 7, 2014, Mastodon played to a sold-out main room show at First Avenue. I had not see them live before then, probably one reason I left feeling amazed. They performed a long set with only brief, banter-free, breaks between songs. At times the frenzy of music was almost all consuming, but also endlessly interesting. Music can be a transformative and comprehensive experience, and Mastodon delivered this on all accounts. For a span of time, to be honest I lost track, the entire audience was lost in an epic labyrinth of sound. Any art form, when delivered with a peak of talent, provides an experience that is inaccessible through any other form. A great song can only deliver what a great song can. A great poem is a great poem and could be nothing else. Mastodon performed something that is possibly the pinnacle of the "prog metal" format, perhaps metal in total.