Kräftskiva: Food, beer and Haley Bonar outside the Bachelor Farmer

Saturday night outside the Bachelor Farmer felt like the summer night we deserve in Minnesota after last winter. The weather was a little dicey - it rained for a while - but it just didn't matter. People of all ages were there to see music, eat fancy picnic style food and drink a little local craft beer in a fun parking-lot location above the Mississippi and overlooking the back of the downtown skyline. (What a pretty city!)

The food was an odd mix of crayfish, meatballs, corn and bannock. I decided that the crayfish were just too much effort for my hunger level but the meatballs, which were more Swedish and Italian, were a tasty treat with vinegar potato salad and some vegetables. The bannock (aka biscuits) were good too, very dense in a good way with plenty of butter. The Bachelor Farmer has always been on my shortlist of restaurants to try - so this was an easy sneak peek.

Fulton sponsored the beer. I think a Lonely Blond always goes down well on a summer night. And my normally Bud Light loving friend liked it too. I am not a Bud Light fan, but I feel like I need to speak up for that silenced majority. Lots of people do like beer like that and it's nice when a festival can accommodate with something lighter for them. No need to shame people for beer taste!

Finally, the music. I am a big fan of Gramma's Boyfriend. So when I go to see Haley Bonar I always hope for Gramma's Boyfriend and I never get it. But the more and more I see Haley Bonar, the less I mind. For folks old enough to remember Bewitched, Haley Bonar in Gramma's Boyfriend reminds me of Samantha's wild cousin Serena. That being said she has a grace on stage either way. Watching her play keyboards she looks so content and that serenity touches the crowd. She played a lot of her new music, which people seemed to enjoy with a reverence but it wasthe songs that get air time on The Current (Bad Reputation and Raggedy Man) that got the crowd moving. An indicator of the strong role The Current plays in promoting local music. A super bonus - she ended with I’ve Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates. (Although I’d be OK with Hola Senor Suitcase too.)

Before Haley Bonar, we arrived just in time for Night Moves. I was impressed with Night Moves at the Girl Germs show earlier this summer at First Avenue. It was fun to hear them play their own music. There's a definite 1970s influence with plenty of guitar and bass. Sort of a slow dance disco feel to a lot of the songs. Coupled with some faster songs with a more modern feel. There's a hint of country too but it's the mellow popular country of the 1970s, not the Americana from early roots or contemporary mode in music. They're a great band for an outdoor festival. I missed BBGUN. I like them but 5:00 is just too early to get out the door.

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The Bachelor Farmer is housed in a historic brick-and-timber warehouse located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Bachelor Farmer
50 N. Second Ave.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

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