Mysteries remain in Jason Yang’s death


UPDATED 11/24/2010—Standing atop the I-394 bridge which leads to Ramp C in downtown Minneapolis, one thing is chillingly obvious about this 70-foot drop: If you jump over the concrete barrier, you will die. 

Although there is no path for pedestrians, this area of the ramp is flooded with good lighting and plenty of safety barriers to prevent an accidental fall.

Yet, this is the exact location where police say 29-year-old Jason Yang “jumped to his death” in the early morning hours of Saturday, November 13 while trying to elude police who were chasing him on foot for three city blocks in downtown Minneapolis and into Ramp C.

“During the foot chase [suspect] jumped from a bridge and was pronounced DOA by paramedics,” the two-sentence official police report said of Jason’s death.

Minneapolis police spokesperson, Sgt. William Palmer told KSTP-TV news that, “As soon as he got past that cyclone fencing, he vaulted the barrier and fell about 70 feet. We had 5 officers in close proximity to the suspect when he jumped. We had not yet caught up to him. Nobody had even touched him.”

For those who know Jason, however, the version of Jason’s death documented by police does not sit well, especially when considering the full extent of Jason’s life accomplishments and his larger-than-life personality.


He was an All-Conference soccer player who played four years of varsity soccer at St. Paul Central High School. To better his life, Jason earned a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern College even while working full-time at Capital Bank, where he would rise from being a bank teller all the way to being an Assistant Vice-President. And above all, he was a loving father of four young children and devoted husband to his high school sweetheart, now his wife of 13 years.

To put it in the words of Jason’s 27-year-old brother John Yang, “Jason was excellent at everything he touched. There’s absolutely no way he would misjudge a fall such as that. He had everything to live for.”

Knowing Jason’s background, the basic-yet pivotal-question needs to be asked: “Why would Jason jump an obvious fall to his death when he had so much going for him?”

When we dug deeper into this mystery, we discovered that a growing list of other concerns have emerged since Jason’s death. At this point, these concerns have snowballed into an avalanche of doubt, fear and mistrust by those who have closely followed the life and death of Jason Yang.

The trail of suspicion began on the morning of Jason’s death when family members arrived at the scene where police say Jason died.

“There were no police markings, no tape, no police to guard the area,” said John. “The only thing we found was a pool of blood where my brother’s body supposedly hit the ground a few hours earlier.”

From there, the suspicion and mistrust continued to grow when the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office persisted in rejecting the family’s request to see their loved one’s body.

“They kept telling me that they didn’t have visitation hours and that they had used Jason’s driver’s license to identify the body,” explained Jason’s wife, Mee Yang. “They tried everything in their power to stop us from seeing his body.”

It would take nearly an entire week after Jason’s death and a court order which was fought vigorously by the ME’s office before the family was allowed to view Jason’s body.

“After we saw the body, it became very clear why they were trying so hard to hide Jason’s body from us,” said Mee and John.

According to affidavits filed in court, all three individuals who were allowed to view Jason’s body came to the same conclusion: There was a bullet hole in Jason’s body!

“We could clearly see a bullet hole in the sub-clavicular region, mid-clavicular line [shoulder area],” testified Michelle Gross, a trained nurse and also an advocate for victims of police brutality. “I have observed a number of bullet wounds in my professional capacity. I am not mistaken, and am very sure of what I saw.”

Beyond what is written in their affidavits, the family is declining to say anything further about the extent of the wounds found on Jason until an independent autopsy is completed. [Affidavits attached below as pdf.]

“All I can say is that what I saw today absolutely does not match what has been previously reported by the police,” Gross carefully added. “Let’s just say there is a reason the Medical Examiner and the police have not been very cooperative with the family thus far.”

Citing a need to “correct the public record”, Chief Medical Examiner Andrew Baker, M.D., of the Hennepin County M.E.’s office received court permission to publicly disclose the autopsy in which he testified the “cause of Mr. Yang’s death was blunt force trauma. The manner of death was accident.”

Directly responding to the allegations that Jason may have been shot, Baker goes on to describe the “skin defect” at Jason’s clavicle to be caused by “fractured bone” which punctured his skin.

“There is no bullet wound on Jason Yang’s body,” Baker insists in his court entered affidavit. “What Ms. Yang, Mr. Yang, and Ms. Gross observed was a skin defect caused by Mr. Yang’s broken clavicle.”

At the press conference, Baker commented further that all of Jason’s injuries were consistent with a man who had fallen 40-feet onto asphalt, as police say he did.
Other injuries the M.E. listed were multiple blunt force injuries that he “suffered in a fall” including skull fractures, 10 rib fractures, and a list of internal injuries focused on the right side of Jason’s body, including a lacerated right lung.While police reports indicate that Jason “jumped” over the barrier at his own doing, there is no mention in the autopsy of any broken bones in any of Jason’s lower extremities such as his legs, feet, ankles or knees.

In fact, other than a few prior scars on Jason’s knees and foot, it is noted in the autopsy that “the long bones are free of palpable fracture.”

If he fell on his side as the autopsy suggests, then Jason apparently didn’t try to break his fall by using either his arms or hands because other than a few small markings, his hands and arms were intact.

In response to the M.E.’s revelations, the family is confident that their independent autopsy will produce some answers they are seeking.

In response to allegations that the police shot Jason while chasing him, Chief Tim Dolan released an official statement to the media in which he steadfastly defends his officers:

“The Minneapolis Police Homicide Unit has substantially concluded its investigation into the falling death of Mr. Yang. The video evidence from the ramp supports officers’ statements and radio transmissions. The reality is that there were no shots fired by officers and there was absolutely no physical contact by officers with Mr. Yang between the time that Mr. Yang participated in an assault on officers until officers gave first aid after Mr. Yang’s fatal fall.”

The Chief went on to blame Michelle Gross and her organization, Communities United Against Police Brutality (though not including names in the statement) for the family’s misdirected concerns.

“We recognize the family is dealing with the loss of their loved one; it is irresponsible for some individuals to lead a grieving family into believing these false accusations. These individuals have long been self-serving charlatans who have little regard for the truth or the harm they can do to a community. The officers involved in this incident deserve the full support of the people of Minneapolis.”

The “video evidence” that Chief Dolan prominently mentions in support of his officers’ statements could be the other key to solving this ongoing mystery. To date, the police have not released any video footage from that night to the public or to the family.

While there are dozens of video surveillance cameras littered along the path which Jason ran, including cameras at Epic Nightclub where this incident began, it is interesting to note that while standing at the exact spot where police say Jason jumped, we were not able to discover any visible video cameras in that immediate area.

The lack of cameras in that area is supported by both the MDOT’s website and the Minneapoils Surveillance Camera Project’s map. In both maps, cameras are situated blocks away from the scene.

There are, however, plenty of cameras within the parking garage. When a parking lot manager was asked about the cameras, his automatic response was to contact the police who “collected the footage immediately after the incident.”

Of the three officers who were named in the police reports connected to Jason Yang’s death, it should be noted that two of them have been extensively investigated for some manner of wrong doing or complaint filed by citizens.

According to the Civilian Review Authority’s database, Officer Adam Lewis has a total of 13 infractions which were investigated, including one “Reprimand for Excessive Force” and one case which is currently being investigated by the Internal Affairs.

Officer Douglas Dubay has 11 cases noted by the CRA and 3 cases which were investigated by Internal Affairs. Specifics of their possible infractions are not listed.

These officers are mentioned in the police report on the fight outside Epic Night Club, during which police say Jason was one of the suspects who assaulted them.

Eye witnesses to this chaotic event say, however, that contrary to media reports, the only fight at Epic that night was between bouncers, police and the patrons as they spilled out of the nightclub.

“It was absolutely the police who indiscriminately sprayed mace, kicked and punched innocent bystanders and provoked the chaos that occurred outside of Epic,” said one witness who sought safety from across the street while the scrum took place in front of the nightclub.

When some in the crowd began fighting back to protect themselves, a number of different witnesses that placed Jason in the middle of the crossfire of fists and kicks.

Eyewitnesses (who, fearing for their safety, spoke on condition of remaining anonymous) say this is when they saw two officers chase Jason towards the garage. Within minutes, witnesses then saw a squad car along with other officers following suit.

“This entire ordeal could have been prevented if the bouncers and the police could have just treated the patrons with a little respect and dignity,” said one observer. “Instead, it was the police who kept attacking everybody and anybody they could get their hands on-even females who were in that area got maced and pushed down to the ground.”

Although police say they have been investigating Jason’s death and the fight that sparked the foot chase between police and Jason, not one person has been arrested or even questioned from that night.

One witness, who may have been the last friend to have seen Jason alive, said he saw Jason running past while the witness was inside the parking ramp elevator.

“I saw Jason running past the elevator, but the door closed before I could see anybody chasing him,” said the witness.

He, along with a number of Jason’s other friends, stayed inside the parking ramp well past 3:00 a.m. and none of them saw, heard or even were aware of police vehicles or an ambulance in that area.

“We were right in the garage during the time when police say Jason jumped off that bridge,” said one witness who stayed around to gather friends and to organize rides after the chaos that occurred outside of Epic. “But that entire time, we didn’t notice any lights or sound indicating anything was wrong in that area.”

Like other pieces of evidence, ambulance and EMS records are currently being requested.

“I cannot breathe,” concluded Mee, the bereaved widow. “I just can’t breathe until I know the truth of what happened to Jason that night. Until then, I can’t breathe.”


47 thoughts on “Mysteries remain in Jason Yang’s death

  1. They can lie and do so much to Jason’s body… but just look at his clothes. Befkre a bullet get to his skin, it will go through his clothes. Since it happened in November, I’m pretty sure he wore long sleeve and pants. They can’t hide the clothes, see it up or anything like they may have done to his skin. I feel soooo sad for his wife and family. Because we are the minorities, they think they can lie to us. I may not be a professional at anything but the obvious is there. MplsPD are hiding something and one day they will come clean. Karma will happen. His spirit will be seen to those who lies.

  2. I don’t blame the victim but have 2 questions…
    One if you’re the Assistant Vice President of a bank, why would you go to such TRASHY club??
    Two: If he didn’t do anything wrong why is he running from the cops??? Obviously if you flee the police you will be chased!!?
    Im glad the family is fighting for answers but i just don’t get whyhe was running from the cops?

  3. Well done on the reporting, especially compared to the other poor sources we have in the Twin Cities. I compared all other reports & you got # 1 on this investigation. More promotion from me to my friends for sure.

  4. I’ve been to Epic Night Club before and it’s true that the bouncers there treat their club goers like animals. They toss and drag people that are drunk or might be involved in a fight. We should not support the club anymore..

  5. It is a mystery indeed! Looking at the facts and comments of both parties. It seems certain that there needs to be an investigation on Dolan himself. I have also encountered Minneapolis cops before. Most of them are cruel animals. You see how I just mentioned animals and not humans! Jason is a loving husband and a father and he is a very bright young man. He does have a lot of great things going for him in life. But let’s talk about what might have happened shall we? It’s starts from the bouncers at club Epic I. Downtown Minneapolis. They shoved and threw someone down the flight of stairs and to top it off, they peppered sprayed everyone that was close by, (just between you and me, these bouncers are “DICKS”). I didn’t know bouncers carried pepper spay on their belts. Instead of the cops controlling the scene, they escalade the situation with( what they’re good at), violence. There have been way to many aligations and/or cases against these animals and high percentage of them has gotten away wit it. I bet you police chief Dolan knows the truth to it all. Funny thing. I was watching the news and dolan came on. Well let’s just say that, usually when you start by defending, you are usually the guilty one. It is fact. Plus, how come when Jason Yang was being chased around the parking, why were a few cops holding their beating sticks and they had furocious looks on their faces? If a person with the blood alcohol level that Jason had, took so long to chase? Or was it the beatings took longer? Chasing a drunk man doesn’t take that long, does it? These Minneapolis cops are not cops. They are discriminant, racist gang members with a badge called the” Minneapolis Power Abusing We Dont Give A F–k Because We Will Get Away With Anything GANG”. Let there be light! Let there be true justice!

  6. How was there no “physical contact” if it is alleged that Jason had “assaulted” officers. How is it that in it’s reports of what has been released, no documentation of the beating and macing of civilians by these officers. If the bouncer was present and innocent of these allegations, why hasn’t he come forward to clear his name. I also found it odd that, if true, that Jason’s friends were in the elevator & ramp when they saw him running through the ramp. Doesn’t it make sense for a bystander to leave a scene of “chaos” to catch up with friends who you came with because you had nothing to do with the “assault” that broke out. Obviously he and his friends made arrangements to meet in the ramp to head home or why would they already be in the ramp. How many citizens would leave a scene when the cops arrive. I would. In my mind, “the authorities are here and they can take care of the problem.” I’d leave. Not to flee but because I have nothing to do with what’s going on. “Flee” does not mean he ran, maybe he just walked away from the scene but when comes chasing after you, isn’t your first instinct to run. There’s too much missing from Mpls Police Reports from that night and Epic and the chase. That’s 3-6 blocks radius of what could have happened that night that was not reported. Cops should have to report when they have to use their weapons, including mace. Check the volume of mace. If the witnesses and bystanders are telling the truth, then there mace can volumes would be lower, if that evidence hasn’t been tampered with. But of course MplsPD know how to cover up their own crimes. Check his body, if it hasn’t been washed yet, mace chemicals would remain on the body and clothes right? This is absurd. And his clothes, gunshot wound? Check his clothes. An external investigation is in the family’s right because MplsPD is not “telling the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.” God be with the Yang family as they seek justice for Jason.

  7. It definately seems like a coverup.  There must be a reason why the police won’t release the video.  A nurse or other medical worker who has seen bullet wounds knows that they look different than broken bone punctures.  

    I hope the Attorney General calls for further investigation.  The family deserve more, and the public needs to know that there isn’t a cover up. 


  8. I didnt know we had a real reporter working in the twin cities! Wameng you wrote an awesome article. We all know how crappy and racist the big media outlets around the TC area is.

  9. If the bullet wound was puncture by his colar bone, wouldn’t the tear be more bigger? Also, wouldn’t it have more of a different shape than a perfect circle?

    A fight that broke lose? What happened during the fight? What led up to it? What’s the real story?

    Even if Jason’s cause of death was the fall,-it could have been prevented. Maybe the bouncers and the police should have taken better control of the situation and not allow something like this to happen.

  10. What the Mong people of Minneapolis still haven’t learned is that you never run away from the Minneapolis police, especially when you run alone with them in pursuit.  You know what happened before, and it looks like history repeated itself.

    Why did he run away from the police anyway?  He’s not a gangster or drug dealer.  Only if he’s guilty of something.  And why was he even be at the nightclub in the first place when he’s got a wife and children at home?  This does not sound like he’s as responsible as he’s been portrayed.

    Even a great man can behave strangely when intoxicated; yet, alcohol was never mentioned in any of reports to date.  If alcohol is not involved, then Jason would be sane and would know not to jump off the highway cliff. 

    I read another news report last week with the medical examiner’s office stating that its office is not a place for family visitation.  If that’s true, then why do they have a family visitation room?  Yes, this may not be a place where people come and go to visit dead relatives, but it should be a place for Jason’s wife to come and identify his remains.  To prevent the family from doing this is very suspicious the best. 

    This case needs to be investigated by the state’s attorney general.  The public has the right to know that the officers they put in the street to defend and protect them do not violate their oaths.

  11. Dear All,

    Jason Yang’s case has nothing to do with recent, past or current event(s). Although, it does help to assess and evaluate, lets focus on the main purpose of Mr. Yang’s death, meaning, it has everything to do with his death. What really happened to Mr. Yang? Despite his nationality etc. etc. etc, but according to evidence/facts. Where are the evidence? If any, what happened to them? Were immediate investigations conducted to further determine the stage of death from points A-Z? Were proper protocols and procedures follow through with? Were people’s rights considered? Were any policies/laws violated? I would list more, but I am confident that  you all are aware of where I am trying to get at with this.

    Please try to stick to the facts, and hear what the Yang family is inquiring/requesting, and determine if you are in support or against. Whichever you may choose, please take the time to reflect and have significant facts/proofs to back it up. (Introduction to law). Questions such as: Did the injuries or cause of death add up as an intentional attempt or not? If so, explain. If not, explain. (This is just an example). And of course when answering your own choice/thoughts, facts should be included. As we all may have already known–assumptions and false accusations should be avoided. Since, Mr. Yang and the Yang family deserves to have a civil trial, not chaotic and full of hate circumstances.

    However, from what I have read and in correlations to physics, the impact (injuries) to Mr. Yang’s fall appears incongruent to his attempt, which was to jump off intentionally and to escape (according to police officers, those who are a part of the chase). This leaves many rooms of errors  to ponder about. In addition, I am bedazzled by the lack of attempts to corporate with the Yang family. Too many red flags and restrictions are anxiously ruled. Defensive and incomplete tones are quick to conclude Mr. Yang’s death. This makes me a bit skeptical–almost as if I am dancing on thin air or water, holding on to lose my last breath of air. Again, please stick to the facts, be more rational and not so quick to judge.

    I am Hmong too, and I feel that we are such a unique culture/community with so much to offer. Therefore, I ask that when we write or speak, we should always be attentive to our language. I would rather see us embracing who we are, rather than enforcing who we are not, or who we should be. Thank you!

  12. 40 feet drop, not 70….big error to start the story off with. No wonder there is skepticism of the skeptics!

    There does seem to be a cultural deal here that the Hmong have run in two cases we know about but surely, we don’t hear of the stories where they do stop.

    Hmong Sports Festival has security watching out for fights to break out and I witnessed group of youths pursue and then get into a fight at the Hmong Sports Festival.

    I am wondering about this supposed fight to tell you the truth, what happened? Even if Jason Yang was not a “gang banger”, everyone can get into a situation like he did. If a fight breaks out between high schools at a football game, surely people who have never been in trouble before might get into the action.

  13. i don’t like nor do i trust the corrupt minneapolis police department.  however the fact is that jason’s BAL was .205%  this makes many scenerio’s possible. however  why people even bother going or supporting this club even after knowing how cruel these bounchers can be is a mystery to me.

  14. where were his friends that went to the club with him during his “jumping” by the cops?  why didn’t his friends run after him when they saw that the cops were gunning for Jason?  at least then they would be together and there would be witnesses, I mean what are the cops going to do kill all of them?

  15. Police all over Minnesota have done well to establish fear into all minority and ethnic groups. Whether it’s the car you drive or the way you dress, the moment you’ve been identified as a minority, you’re screwed. I’ve had many “white” friends tell me about their “getting off the hook” encounters with police. Very rarely have I heard the same from minorities, including myself. In almost every encounter I’ve had and witnessed with Minnesota police, there was condescending bigotry for little next to no reason at all. When I was 13, my cousins and I were pulled over and surrounded by several police officers in Brooklyn Park for driving below the speed limit! They said the cars we were driving resembled vehicles from a previous case. Of course, that was after we were searched and interrogated for signs of substance use and gang activity. This was my first “bad” encounter with Minnesota police, but certainly not the last. I just hope my children wont have to suffer the same way I do to this day.

    I understand that there are patterns and things you find in common with previous cases. I understand that there are statistics and studies that support criminal activity within ethnic communities. What I don’t understand is why law enforcement in Minnesota is so intent on taking these statistics to create fear in the ethnic communities. We(minorities) are treated differently. I believe it’s fair to say far worse than those who are white. They say to “protect and serve”. My response is “who?” From the way I’ve experienced it, it’s to protect and serve their selves.

    I read a response earlier that referred to police as gang members, I couldn’t agree more. So when it comes down to it, you’d better hope you know somebody on their side. Otherwise, it’s them against you.

    Whether Jason Yang was murdered or jumped off the bridge, I won’t be surprised. At least not when it comes to dealing with Minnesota police…

  16. where were his friends, the way I see it if your friend was getting jumped even by cops you’re suppose to help him?  why didn’t they run after him when they saw that the cops were after Jason?  at least then there would be witnesses and people would know what went down, and if police brutality was involved than you would have been able to bring a solid case forward.  I mean what were the cops going to do in that kind of a situation, kill everyone? so you spend a couple nights in jail, that’s better than losing a friend and never knowing the truth.

  17. First of all, what i heard from my side of story in the news.. The police over there confiscate the cameras early that morning reporting Jason Yang jumping for his life? Okay, first of all why would the police who reported the “incident” confiscate the cameras? Are they trying to hide something? And second, there was proof on Jason Yang’s body that there was bullet holes and etc knowing that the court didn’t say much about it. Third, if they knew that the police took the cameras the next morning, why not show it what really did happen? And what’s the whole point in putting up all the lies in this tragic death? There are remaining questions that are not answered. Tell me that, and i will believe this is just an “accident” and wasn’t never mean’t to be big problem. One last thing, what is the police in minnepolis trying to hide from us and the news? If there isn’t anything to hide, why are you denying the proofs on Jason Yang’s body and witnesses telling us others that you aren’t? And that if you are lying and piling it up, one day (sooner or later) the truth is going fall right back down. It’s better to tell now than later.

  18. Given how bias and bad the mainstream media is on these types of stories…and how they mistreat issues related to our community, it DOESN’T help that Hmong Today is out there making all kinds of wild conclusions, especially on the social network scene and offering up equally and blatantly bias statements without proof, like calling the Minnepolis police “murders”, or, that Jason Yang is a complete innocent bystander. Yes, go do the research, go do the indepth interviews, take the revealing photos, cross check the missing facts, follow the hidden trails and motives of the incident, etc….but, I mean, true social justice community empowerment comes when we can rely on an honest, neutral source who have professional and moral integrity…to crack on our side. We simply can’t have an emotionally charged “news” organization on the front lines of an equally emotionally charged and angry community. For one thing, truth and justice will be compromised when the “reporter” becomes part and parcel of the news in which he then “reports” on. It’s NOT a good idea for the Hmong media to be active participants in the stories that they write! It’s BEST if Hmong Today do not become equally bias as it’s mainstream counterparts have been…and instead, be the light that simply shines on truth, on facts, on information…and then present those truths, facts and information to the community, to the police, to the family…and get their reactions…so that they themselves can make their own decisions.

  19. no offense and not to be racist, but i bet if it was a white person, the news would of went on forever and the news would do anything to get all the info! the news hiding a missing part between when he reached the ramp and after he reached the ground.  and seriously,  no tape no police marking and no police to guard the area, come on now. them police or news people better spit it out what they are hiding.

  20. i was wondering, if you could get a court order to see the body and all then can you file a court order to release the tape (if they haven’t destroy the tape yet and hopefully they wont) would the judges approved? there is a witness of cop confiscating the tape right? 
    maybe Jason Yang was being miss treated by the Officers, he broke loose, he ran and they gave chased. maybe he over heard or have had over seen something. maybe they shot him with a silencer to prevent loud noises and kick him off the bridge thats why theres a boot print on him. or maybe they killed him and wasn’t satisfied enough for them and decided to step on him after his death. maybe they shot him and scared that he’ll report them and decided to give chase and the bridge was the perfect place to make it as an accident. well, sorry if i over write my thoughts.
    in my opinion by reading the comments, the article, and personal opinion, i believe that this is not an accident. for a 29 years old person (son, husband, father, successful Capital Bank Assistant Vice-President) to jump off a bridge is unbelievable and crazy. he’s involved in sports activities and knows how to enjoy life, so it means that he’s not depressed or stressed in any kind of way. his career sounds like he’s making enough it means he’s not in dept (poor). by having 4 kids means he love his wife and it means there are no family problems. he’s a happy person. being announced as a DOA person would anger me if something like this happens to my family or me. the article clearly state that the area of the ramp is flooded with good lighting and plenty of safety barriers to prevent an accidental fall. i personally think that even a professional wouldn’t jump off such a place without knowing the risks. since the officers confiscated the only evidence, we can assumed that anything could’ve happened. in my personal opinion “murder” is the case. 5 officers give chase so all five are to be considered as suspect as well. if they don’t give in the only evidence there is then i am personally declaring them as “Murderers.” even if they were proven not guilty (unless the camera evidence shows that they didn’t do anything) which they could be forging a fake one by now. they are still being considered as Murderers (unless one of the officers give in and confess what they did/ what really happened) they are still considered the bad guys.

    sorry for any offensive writing.
    i am just writing what come out of me.
    Thank you

  21. all i gotta say is..good luck, because it is not a white case and it’s a gonna’ be a hard fight because they are the COPS and they are WHITE. Racism will always exists and justice doesn’t always get served, it’s unfortunate. 

  22. first and foremost, my condolences to the family and the rest of the hmong community, as it seems we have lost yet another member of society that may have more to contribute than to take away.

    secondly, i have reason to believe that Tim Dolan should be fired from his position. too many cases involving officers and minorities have accumulated over the years without a proper resolution. how many families have suffered because of Dolan’s boys? too many in my opinion. Tim Dolan is the face of police brutality since he’s willing to provide support for the officers that commit henious crimes against citizens. need he be reminded that without citizens, he’d have no job. it seems that his office, and its police force have failed to realize the most important aspect of their job, to PROTECT and SERVE….

    minneapolis police officers show no respect for anyone because of their beat routes. if you chose to have a career as an officer, you already know what you’re getting yourself into. and when you commit a crime as an officer in uniform, live up to the consequences.

    i’ve been to epic more than once, and in every occassion where there’s a fight, the police don’t care who’s involved, EVERYONE gets sprayed with mace. if Epic nightclub can’t keep its partygoers safe, why bother to go at all?

    should any one of us have to suffer with police brutality that goes unjustified? i don’t think so. it’s sad to see how much hennepin county is willing to cover it’s corrupt police force at the expense of taxpayers’ money. so why should we, as a community continue to support hennepin county and Epic nightclub. it’s apparent that Epic nightclub doesn’t care about this incident, nor does it care about the patrons that attend it’s venue.

    regardless, Epic should at least offer a letter of apology to the family, as the first offense that broke out the chaos happened on Epic Nightclub’s grounds. were it not for its bodyguards and the police elevating the fight, this could have all been avoided. now, a person is dead, a police force is under scrutiny as well as its medical examiner’s office, and hennepin county seems reluctant to do anything about this.

    so i urge you all to boycott Epic nightclub. don’t support it, or it’s venues. too many incidents have occurred there, without regards to the safety of people who attend it. supporting Epic nightclub is also supporting hennepin county.  in doing so, you’re supporting their cause to suppress viable information to prosecute their corrupt police force. BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT!!!

  23. The “reporter” is fond of criticizing the media but he is so obviously bias in his own “reporting”. Although the article has been updated at least once, he still fails to mention the very critical fact that Jason Yang’s blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit! The guy was drunk, was involved in a fight at Epic, fled the police and tragically fell to his death. Every accusation made by the family and this “reporter” has been reasonably answered by the medical examiner and the police. Only this “reporter” is taking advantage of this grieving family by pedaling these conspiracy theories week after week.

    Another fact that the article gets wrong: Michelle Gross is not a “trained nurse”. As reported in the Pioneer Press, she is not registered as a nurse in the state of Minnesota and has refused to answer questions about her medical training.

    Finally, notice how this “reporter” has no access to anything or anyone? Other than the family who wants all this attention because they want to sue the police and city for tax-payer money, he has no access to any other sources (probably because he isn’t even credentialed as a reporter by any legit news organization)? He regurgitates press releases and what the other media (which he despises and calls unfair) reports and spins in his own brave conclusion of duh “If you jump over the concrete barrior, you will die”. This is written for the sole purpose of leading readers directly into his greater theory: Obviously the police officers (of whom, two have been investigated because of complaints FROM THOSE THEY’VE ARRESTED!!) threw Jason off the ramp after they shot him because no sane person would jump to his death (Oh, the bullet hole theory has been disproven? Darn it!). This “reporter” mentions all the internal police investigations but reveals none of the conclusions or results. Why? Because he only wants to plant the idea of possible police brutality in this case. If internal affairs found anything credible on these complaints, these two officers wouldn’t be on duty. The “reporter” can’t prove any wrong-doing by police but splashes these complaints in his article while omitting other facts that don’t serve his line of argument and then hopes that the very ignorant readers will buy into this garbage. To some, this works.

    The only true lessons here are 1) don’t drink to excess, 2) don’t start fights with bouncers and police, and 3) never run away from law enforcement. The lesson is not that the Minneapolis police are evil towards clubbing Hmong and other minorities. The really scary thing is that this guy planned to and his equally inebriated friends did drive home that early morning!

    Truth hurts, but it needed to be said. This “reporter” should be ashamed of himself.

  24. According to the Minnesota State Board of Nursing Michelle Gross has never been licensed or registered as a nurse of any kind in this state. Yet, on an affidavit she claimed to be a Registered Nurse.
    According to Minnesota Statutes and Minnesota Rules this is a serious case of fraud.
    A person who has never been registered or licensed in Minnesota may not claim to be a nurse, or use the designation “RN” after their name. 
    Michelle Gross used the claim that she was a nurse to gain access and view Jason Yangs body where she claimed she saw a bullet would. This conclusion would be beyond the scope of a RN’s duties.

    Michelle Gross has committed a fraud upon the Court as well as violated state law. We can only hope the State of Minnesota will pursue formal charges against her.

  25. by reading the report i believe that Jason Yang was shot by the police and thrown over, and also believe that the family have every right to view the body immediate after the body was clean. If everything the police said is true why they have to keep the family from viewing the body and make them wait until there was a court order for the family to have the right to see the body.

    I personally believe that this case is not accidentally death but is a murder case. The officers who are responsible should be punish by the law and the county should be responsible for his death.

  26. Just wanted to clarify that I never made any accusations to say there was a bullet hole. We spend two paragraphs on that subject, and most of it was to reiterate what the family wrote in their court documents.

    In regards to “bias” reporting, my job is to report what I find. And in this case, all I found were questions and more questions when it came to getting police statements and testimonies. And what I did find was a widow, four young children and a community who lost yet another son while in the reaches of the Minneapolis Police (who are one of the most penalized police forces in regards to paying out settlements).

    Here is the biggest question of all: If the police and medical examiner had nothing to hide in this apparent “accidental suicide” then why have they refused to return Jason’s clothes and other personal belongings recovered from that night? Also, where did Jason’s stomach, esophagus and pancreas go?

    Trust me, this story is long from over. There is a whole lot more that has not been released. But the wheels of Justice grinds away slowly and we’ll take that to heart.


  27. Notice how the ones who claimed this is a accident is always listed as anonymous. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a relative or friend of these so call cops. Better yet, your probably one of the Nolans. It’s natural to defend relative or friends even when they are murderers (Minnesota Police). With a comment like yours, I wouldn’t be surprised if you went on a cop killing spree if something like this happened to your family. Look at the info provided and it’s too obvious that this is no accident. 

  28. I was not close to Jason Yang, but he was a cherish friend’s brother, and someone who meant a lot to a lot of people. Reading half these comments I wonder to myself, “is this the kind of attitude you take when you realize one of your citizens was murdered without knowing a reason behind it?” Take into aspect that the all these things are going against a lot of human rights and not just citizen rights. I hope this case comes to a close with justice, and not just punishment.

  29. I’m from Australia and I’ve been following this story from day one!  I totally agree with what you have just said!  There are so many unanswered questions, I believe that family and friends of Jason Yang deserves closure by getting some or all of their questions to be answered!  My condolences to Jason Yang’s family and friends.  May the truth be told! 

  30. I cannot agree more.  It’s another cover up by the Chief. Its the same story as our brother Fong Lee.  Minneapolis needs a new Chief.

  31. Don’t blame it on the Bouncers. It is their job to get rid of wreckless people.  If people weren’t so wreckless the bouncers wouldn’t have those attititudes.  Regardless, this is a matter of the police force trying to cover up one of their guys.  So typical.  The police force is corrupt.  I hope the crew that covered this chase gets fired! 

  32. I am very shock of at this case…My girls and I went to Mn and went to Epic for the first time ever…I do have to admit the bouncers are rude to their customers…I have never seen bouncers that rude before at any other clubs I’ve been too…We were just there to have some fun…and one of my girl was drunk and she was just getting low by the time we know they kick us out because they claim she fall and couldn’t help herself…bs…I never going back to this club ever agian…

  33. Yes, one thing to confirm the bullet is to check Jason’s shirt he wore when the accident happened. The bullet should have traveled through his flesh. I don’t believe that Jason would do such stupid thing to leave his beautiful wife and kids behind!

  34. He was certainly under the influence of alcohol. That was in the report released by the medical examiner.

    Also, his body had already been identified and was probably not in any shape to be seen by a real GRIEVING family. The family had the option at anytime to have his body sent to a funeral home and make arrangements for viewing there.

  35. You know what ? You shouldnt even be talking. The bouncers should respect their guests that enter Epic , They treat their guests horribly, then whom ever they`re acting like that to is going to feel disrespected , So ofcourse they`re gona defend themselves  while being treated lik ethat.

  36. Of course if you only read this one-sided account, you’ll think Jason was “shot by the police and thrown over” the concrete barrier. That’s this reporter’s entire premise! It’s such a disservice to the Hmong community that, a so-called Hmong newspaper, would insinuate this unproven theory. Mind you, the reporter has NO PROOF whatsoever.

    The HC medical examiner has photos and has released autopsy information to debunk the untrue rumor that Jason Yang was shot.

    Jason Yang’s body was sent all the way to California for a second autopsy. If that independent doctor could prove Jason Yang was shot, that information would headline every news outlet in the Twin Cities. Hmong Today would be all over that information to bolster its ailing credibility. However, the silence is deafening.

  37. “Trust me, this story is long from over. There is a whole lot more that has not been released.”

    It’s over son. Hmong Today and the crazed activists hyped this from the beginning, claimed all kinds of silly theories and when it came time to show your cards, you got nothing. The medical examiner and police chief aced you at every turn. Lawyers will continue to make promises to and money from the family, fueling their hope. But I am certain there will be no more substantive news stories on this matter from this discredited tabloid.


  38. Yes, I highly agree with you. Knowing Jason and his family I know that Jason would never do that. He loved his kids and wife a lot. To be honest I am really tired of all this coverups by the police. I also agree with Mee too. I cannot breathe too until this case is well rested.

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