MUSIC | Dark Star Orchestra keep the faith at the Varsity


One thought on “MUSIC | Dark Star Orchestra keep the faith at the Varsity

  1. Its quite obvious you had no interest in going to see this band, nor did you do any real fact finding like a real reporter would do, The next time your sent out on an assignment take the time to ask yourself, “can i give credence to this story if i’m not really interested in doing the work needed to make this an intelligent & credible read”. 

    I would normally not be writing an email to someone like you but it was a little comical reading your article and knowing you had no idea, nor did you care to have any idea of the band you were supposed to be covering as a reporter. If you’re going to be a music critic then the words (work and passion) will need to be incorporated into your writing.

    I hope i didn’t beat you up too bad. Thanks, Ben.

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