Minneapolis: Street resurfacing planned for Cooper and Seward


Street resurfacing is planned for certain roadways in Cooper and Seward during 2013. The resurfacing project will involve grinding off a layer of asphalt and replacing it with a new layer. This is opposed to a complete street reconstruction project where the entire road is rebuilt – which involves removing the road and sub-grade soils, curbs, and gutters – and then rebuilding all of these elements.

Resurfacing the streets will extend their life by ten years and will prevent a more costly rebuild. “[Street resurfacing] cannot be done if the street reaches a certain point of degradation,” said Chris Trembath from the Department of Public Works. “If no work were to be done to these streets, the pavement and the existing sub-grade under the street would likely fail to a point where the street would then need to be totally rebuilt – a far more expensive and time-consuming undertaking than resurfacing.”

With the exception of 25th Street East, all of the streets in the resurfacing project were paved 32 years ago in 1981, according to the Department of Public Works.

While the work is being done, the streets under construction will be partially or fully closed and street parking will not be permitted. The Longfellow Community Council reported that resurfacing typically requires two work days to complete. Starting dates for the work has yet to be scheduled.

Streets to Be Resurfaced

Streets in Cooper that will be resurfaced are highlighted in dark orange. Image courtesy of the City of Minneapolis.

Streets in Seward that will be resurfaced are highlighted in dark orange. Image courtesy of the City of Minneapolis.

Two other streets in Seward that will be resurfaced are:

  • 31st Ave S. between Franklin Ave and 28th St. E.
  • 25th St. E. between 36th Ave. S. and W. River Parkway.

Assessment Costs

Residents and businesses located in the “zone of influence” will be assessed for the project. Residential properties will be assessed $0.20 per square foot and non-residential properties will be assessed $0.60 per square foot. Assessments will appear on 2014 property tax statements.

Public Hearing

A public hearing will be held before the Transportation & Public Works Committee of the City Council. Public testimony will be heard, and the Council will vote on funding the project. Prior to the formal hearing, the City will hold an informational meeting for residents to learn more about the project and the assessment. Dates of the informational meeting and the public hearing have not yet been determined.

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