“Minneapolis Madams”: New book by Penny Petersen tells the story of pioneering prostitutes


4 thoughts on ““Minneapolis Madams”: New book by Penny Petersen tells the story of pioneering prostitutes

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  2. Why isn’t there any pictures of Ida Dorsey…. and what does the FLOW celebration have to do with prostitution? Did Ms Ida Dorsey have children. How come her building didn’t go to her family after she died … also did she actually marry one of the Pillsbury….. the one who dressed in black face?

  3. I could not locate any photos of Ida Dorsey, but if I had any I would have certainly included them. Dorsey told a 1910 census taker that she had given birth to five children, but none were living. She took her niece, Alvah Burkes, as her daughter asfter her mother died. She left Alvah the proceeds of her Marquette Avenue property shortly before her death in 1918. The rest of Dorsey’s estate, including the building on 11th Avenue South, was heavily mortgaged and went to her creditors. I don’t know if she did marry Carleton Pillsbury, the one who appeared in blackface. There is no record of it in Hennepin County, but they could have married elsewhere.
    As to the FLOW question, you will have to answer the editor that one.

  4. I also was wondering if there were any surviving pictures of Ida or the other madams in the book. I was also curious if in your research, if you came across any other bordello’s in other parts of Minneapolis, particularly in North Minneapolis. Thanks. Great book btw.

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