Jeff Strate: A Mike "Stretch" Gelfand sighting

Mike Gelfand (right) with producer Jeff Strate (center) and video journalist Bill Sorem on July 31 at the Bloomington Communicty Access Television studio to tape Democratic Visions.  Photo by Ron Levitus.

Joan Rivers, Lewis Black, Jackie Vernon and Phyllis Diller were among the comedians Mike “Stretch” Gelfand and I talked about yesterday (September 4th) during a retreat to a Linden Hills caffeine p


Kelvin Quarles: Power to the people at KMOJ

(Photo credit: Harry Colbert, Jr.) Kelvin Quarles

As listeners of KMOJ (89.9 FM), we know Shed G. and Freddie Bell ... we know Lisa Moy, Walter "Q Bear" Banks, Jr. and Big Sam; but who most don't know is Kelvin Quarles.


First Friday at the Fair

Today is the first Friday of the Minnesota State Fair.


Israeli-Palestinian protests continue, move to Klobuchar and Star Tribune offices

The Anti-War Committee of Minnesota continued their protests this week. This time, the group set their sights on another Minnesota lawmaker and the mainstream media for what the protesters call a complacency over the ongoing violence between Israel and Palestine.


"He fought to level the playing field": KFAI volunteers remember Andy Driscoll

Andy Driscoll, longtime KFAI volunteer and host of Truth To Tell, passed away on Sunday, July 20th at the age of 74. Andy had spent years in a struggle against pulmonary disease, and within the past year he went through chemotherapy for esophageal cancer and endured a series of strokes. In spite of the challenges, Andy continued to work with his Truth To Tell team to produce compelling radio programs through his nonprofit organization, Civic Media Minnesota.


How many journalists does it take?

How many journalists does it take to change a light bulb?

“We just report the facts, we don’t change them.”

I don’t believe that for a minute.


Thank you, Mary Turck

Today is Mary Turck’s last day as editor of the Twin Cities Daily Planet. I can’t believe it.


A note on the Hobby Lobby disinformation industry

“The contraceptive mandate, as applied to closely held corporations, violates RFRA.”

Justice Alito for the majority in Burwell v Hobby Lobby.


BEHIND THE STORY | Thank you, Mary Turck!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank TC Daily Planet’s editor, Mary Turck, for all she’s done for me and for the Planet. Mary’s last day is on Tuesday, July 15th and I’ve been preparing myself mentally and emotionally for her departure. My mentor, editor, collaborator and friend, I owe so much to her for her guidance and support.


Interviewing skills, values help MPR reporter uncover church's secrets

Photo by Keoni Cabral published under Creative Commons License

Madeleine Baran isn't used to being in the spotlight. The Minnesota Public Radio reporter is more comfortable asking the questions and listening to others' stories.

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