Critics say 'Pointergate' story perpetuates racial stereotypes, Mayor says she doesn't plan to stop pointing

(Photos by Charles Hallman) Mayor Betsy Hodges

The fallout continues from a local television station’s airing a controversial story two weeks ago. The Hubbard Broadcasting-owned ABC affiliate, KSTP 5, aired a November 9 news story that claimed Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and a Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) volunteer organizer flashed gang signs at each other at a voter registration event prior to this year’s general election.


UCare sends a message; pulls advertising from KSTP

Dan Ness

UCare Wednesday (Nov. 12) ordered its advertising agency to pull current and contracted advertising from KSTP-TV in protest of a KSTP news feature about a photograph that the station said showed Minneapolis' Mayor Betsy Hodges swapping gang signs with a young Black man.


Crushed, humiliated Minnesota conservatives face their political doom

So they took the Minnesota House back by 5 seats, on the “strength” of about 51% turnout, the lowest since 1986. In an election where, nationwide, old people, and hardly anyone else, turned out as if it meant something. (Which it does, but, convincing our voters of that…well that’s our #1 problem. Has been, for a long time, now.) In Minnesota, we could well end up with supermajorities, or close to it, in both chambers, after 2016. In particular, Al Franken’s romp over Mike McFadden – who was supposed to be a strong candidate, you know, a Romney-esque “centrist uniter,” – makes clear just where the MN GOP is as far as legitimate, long-term competitiveness. That would be “nowhere.” Their only chance to come back from nowhere is for sane Republicans to take back the party from the Tea Partiers, theocrats, and Paulbots, and convince voters outside of their base that, having done that, it just might be safe to vote Republican again. Assuming, on the basis of absolutely no evidence, that that process has even started, how many election cycles will it take? Three? Five? Ten? And their base voters heading for the pearly gates, and not being replaced, all the while.


VIDEO: KSTP owner Stan Hubbard refuses to apologize during Augsburg #Pointergate protest

(Photo by Kristoffer Tigue) KSTP owner Stanley Hubbard defends his station's report, now known as #Pointergate, during his Nov. 13 speech at Augsburg College. Video below.

Outside of Sateren Auditorium on Augsburg College’s campus, dozens of protesters convened in the cold November air, demanding KSTP publicly apologize for their report last week, now dubbed #Pointergate.


VIDEO: A peek into the Daily Planet's Fall Media Forum; making a difference through storytelling

(Still taken from video by John Akre and Paige Elliott) Video below

The Twin Cities Media Alliance held its tenth annual Fall Media Forum on Saturday, Nov. 8 at the University of Minnesota Urban Research and Outreach Engagement Center. And if you missed the event, check out our video below to take a peek into some of the activities that day.


Native women victimized once again by Déjà Vu event, City Pages ad

This morning I opened my e-mail to a string of comments relating to an ad in City Pages, our local Voice Media Group publication.


“Sickening and repulsive.”


Of course, I had to see for myself what was prompting this reaction.


Late Night Library welcomes nocturnal bibliophiles

Somehow long chilly evenings elicit the yearn for a good read– or then again it could be a good listen – in the wee hours. Think Late Night Library, the ever-expanding virtual library of podcasts and more, treasures to nourish the nocturnal need to know.


Journalism — let's try to keep it around

(Photo by Roger H. Goun published under Creative Commons License)

In the future, there will be no journalism. I’m almost sure of it.


WEQY-FM 104.7, the 'Voice of the East Side'

Not long after this newspaper reaches your mailbox, WEQY-FM, the Voice of the East Side, hopes to be “riding the signal,” which is what radio veterans call the test phase of the new station. Although a major obstacle arose at the last minute that seemed like it might delay the start for a few months, that cloud turned out to have a silver lining. Despite the best efforts of Sonia Ortega, owner of Plaza del Sol on Payne Avenue, construction delays were not able to be overcome in building the radio space that she had generously offered to the station at no cost. However, the offer of new space in a historic building came along at just the right moment, with the added bonus that a storefront studio will be possible. WEQY Station Manager Kathryn Harris can't reveal the address yet, but says it looks about 99% sure.


Show us what you got: Carleton students start "sex positive" nudie mag

(Photo courtesy of Mollie Wetherall) Carleton student and Skin Deep editor Mollie Wetherall shows some skin during a shoot.

“Being naked should be fun,” said Mollie Wetherall, co-editor-in-chief of Carleton College student’s new nudie mag Skin Deep. “For me that idea is revolutionary.”

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