Mai Village: Like a river, life keeps on flowing — toward foreclosure?


3 thoughts on “Mai Village: Like a river, life keeps on flowing — toward foreclosure?

  1. I will be most unhappy if Mai Village closes.  This is where I bring people from out of town who want Asian food.  It’s very impressive.  Beautiful decor, and the food is great.  We’ll try to go more often to help bolster the sales…….and you should too!

  2. Hello everyone,

    My name is Amy Dang I am mai and ngoans youngest daughter and the current GM of mai village, although every decision I make goes through them lol. This is my first time reading the article my mom was interviewed about and I am very thankful that they portrayed her in the right light.  My parents are wonderful people and I am very blessed to have them both.  I have been working for them since I was 14 ,and I am now 28 with two of my own children. I just wanted to thank every one of you that has taken your time out of your schedules to read this article and for those who have commented on this and those who have tried to help us I am very very thankful.  My heart was touched by your comments and your concern for a family many of you barely know.  I am praying and working very hard to improve mai village so that we can survive and so that my parents can continue living their dream.  Thank you all again.

  3. I have sympathy for them but i dont feel right to give them any money to save them. it is a capitalist system here. Remember how did they treat us as asian customers before?

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