Mac Hammond’s Living Word facing IRS investigation


The Internal Revenue Service is investigating whether Living Word Christian Center violated the law for favorable compensation and loan dealings it gave to church founder and pastor Mac Hammond. Those compensation and loan dealings were first reported by the Minnesota Independent in February 2007.

The church has resisted demands by the IRS to open its books for an audit, and the agency filed a petition in United States District Court ordering the church to comply.

Earlier this month, a magistrate ordered Living Word representatives to appear and explain their refusal to comply with the IRS. In response to a summons in March, a church attorney told the IRS they would not comply until “an appropriate high-level IRS official” using “reasonable belief” requested information.

At issue are financial dealings detailed in documents obtained by the Minnesota Independent in early 2007.

According to the documents, which involved a loan application in 2003 and contained more than 100 pages of pictures and detailed descriptions of the church’s real estate assets, financial transactions and administrative history, Hammond owned two airplanes, one bought from Living Word for $1.06 million on credit supplied by Living Word. He leased the planes back to the church at a total annual rate of more than $893,000. The church asserted that “the aircraft are important to the efficient management of its ministry at the present time.” Living Word also rented a hangar to store the planes, and it paid for the expenses of the planes as well.

In addition, Living Word made several loans to Hammond since 2000 totaling at least $1.9 million: Two were for the planes, three were unsecured, and one enabled Hammond to purchase a house in Florida.

Reporting by the Minnesota Independent also triggered an IRS investigation of Hammond and Living Word in 2006 after being the first to report that Hammond endorsed then-State Sen. Michele Bachmann for Congress from the pulpit.

3 thoughts on “Mac Hammond’s Living Word facing IRS investigation

  1. I went to LW as a kid. I’m an Atheist now, but they got the ball rolling that direction with their spiritual abuse. I hope he does time and the church goes under. Everyone that goes there has the same mindset as this pompous behind.

  2. I have been in the faith 25 years and through it all I have been standing against this apostasy and criminal element which has slithered into the Body of Christ. I really used to be amazed how these individuals could be so blatant about who they really are, and yet have their assemblies still pour money into their pockets so they can live like movie stars. The only conclusion I can come to is some are Christians who have read the word. The whole word, not just the scriptures that make them feel good. And then you have those who are of the new faith: CASHIANS and followers of Santa Christ. May the Great I am and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ the Holy lamb of God have mercy on his lost and ignorant sheep. Amen.

  3. My co-worker and I were just talking about the likes of Mac, that take advantage in the church, that ruin the faith of many, and create hurdles for those who might consider looking to Jesus, but don’t because of the fruit of the likes of a Mac.  “By their fruit you will know…”.  And what is Mac’s fruit – personal gain.  And lots of it.

    Leave this deceiver.  If he wants wealth of this world, fine, go start a business that produces something, there’s nothing wrong with that – but using the Good News to line your pockets is the worst kind of hyprocrisy there is.

    All you Christians – leave the likes of Mac, and there’s lots of them, immediately.  And find a pastor and church that talks about giving yourself first to the needs of others – the lost – and not to the pastor and the next building program.

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