Luke Comes to Life tonight!


There’s a show that I’m looking forward to seeing that I initially rejected out of hand. Luke Comes to Life is the sincere telling of the Gospel of Luke, by a guy who happens to be a minister.

Exactly why did I think I wouldn’t like this show?

I’m not a Christian. Well, I’m not Hmong, either, yet Longing for Qeej is on my list.

I’m afraid that the actor is out to turn me into a Christian. Hmm. And I Love You (We’re F*#cked) is trying to turn me into a gay man. (Wait, I already am a gay man, happily trapped in a woman’s body.)

Now factor in that Wesley Brainard is a hell of a performer — his preview and video trailer rocked.  He’s also a nice guy, based on a three-minute exchange outside HUGE Theater. And it’s got to be a compelling story, right, to have survived this long? I’m in. Wesley has toured this show across the country, but this is his first Fringe Festival.  His show opens tonight at 8:30 in the Rarig Arena. See you there.

One thought on “Luke Comes to Life tonight!

  1. Thanks for coming to see Luke, Kate…And, thanks for the preview.  It was great to chat with you on Out of Towner’s night.  I’m hoping you enjoyed the show,,,and just in case anyone was wondering, there was no alter call or any such thing at my show.  I certainly have passion for the story I tell.  It is a story I believe in.  I hope that passion translates into the telling. 

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