Local newspapers win national awards


One thought on “Local newspapers win national awards

  1. Just want to add that there are a great bunch of volunteers who make the SENA News happen.  There have been many over the years, but right now the list includes Joyce Boettcher (who is a long-term contributor), Nykol Johnson & Sam Ridenour.  I’m not going to attempt to give you the long list of volunteer writers and photographers who have contriubted over the years – I’m sure I would miss somebody.

    Also, just a clarification, that both Ann and Judy were involved with the newsletter committee before 1997 – that’s just the year they agreed to become “temporary” co-editors. You can checkout our newsletter archive on the SENA website at: http://www.standish-ericsson.org/news/news-archive/news-archive.htm

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