Light Rail bringing long-needed repairs to St. Paul’s University Avenue


2 thoughts on “Light Rail bringing long-needed repairs to St. Paul’s University Avenue

  1. Conrad, other than simply regurgitating the disinformation fed to you by road construction masterminds Maczko and Haider, how do you figure that the Ramsey County contribution to the billion-dollar Central Corridor road construction project is just $350,000?  At least half the cost of the billion-dollar project is funded by local sources, the largest of which is Ramsey County.  The largest single source of the roughly half a billion dollars in local funding is Ramsey County.  $350,000 doesn’t come close to what Ramsey County taxpayers will end up paying if and when the Central Corridor road construction project is ever completed.

     Also, what journalistic style sheet are you following when you refer to the road construction project as “21st century transit?”  There’s nothing new about wide, traffic inducing, concrete thoroughfares, and electric trains provided transit in the early 20th century.

  2. THis central corridor project will cost a fortune and  create another  bureacratic burden fousted on taxpayers at a time that all extra money should be spent on other things. The bus service on University is good – a train is a waste but the government never learns any lessons. Not only will this be a financial tax burden to St Paul citizens but a major inconvenience for drivers and this prject during its process, and when complete will cause a loss of business on University because it will ultimately be so difficult to get around University at all. Very foolish move- this project should not be completed.

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