Peter Matthiesson, author of "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" passes on

“… For all those who honor and defend those people who still seek in the wisdom of the Indian way…”,


TC Weekend | Mother’s Day, Fishing Opener, National Train Day & more!

Last weekend felt like a spring explosion with its many festivals and long-awaited burst of sun. This weekend continues the spring fun with Mother’s Day events, the Fishing Opener, National Train Day celebrations, and a host of other activities. Read on for this weekend’s lively lineup:


May festival!

Another amazing, beautiful May Day celebration by Heart of the Beast Theater and the people of Minneapolis. A sunny and perfect day made it extra spectacular.


Nap time

I've noticed that I consistently get groggy, unfocused, and even irritable six or seven hours from the time I woke up that morning.


What makes a home?

What makes a house a home? (Or an apartment a home, in this case, I suppose.) My daughter is nearing the end of her first year of Unitarian-Universalist religious education, and that has been the focus of the program for her age group: Creating a home.


This week in Saint Paul: Monday, May 5–Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spring arrives slowly, but Saint Paul hasn’t slowed down. We had a busy Saint Paul Art Crawl two weekends ago, Cinco de Mayo on the West Side, and the Festival of Nations in Downtown this past weekend—and maybe some weather dampening the heels of our festiveness. The momentum and better weather will carry us into more opportunities to keep up the process of thawing and warming up, and art is the star we’re following in the brighter heavens. Here are a few ideas for the week.


A tribute to the 40th Anniversary of the May Day Celebration in Minneapolis

This video was made by my son, Joah Colby.  I am proud of it because he was raised in a family that celebrated May Day as one of the biggest holidays of the year.  


Another crappy apartment and more adventures with real life roommates

My kid: “Since we’re going to see the Matisse exhibit at the MIA can you show me any of the other apartments you lived in the Wedge in the 80’s? 

Me: “Oh yeah. I’m thinking of one dump in particular where I spent some of my wonder years.”


Cold April showers bring May soup

I am built for Minnesota winters. Physically, emotionally, socially: I thrive when the snow blows and temps dip below zero. I scoff at the weak who cannot tolerate endless Januaries and who complain constantly about the weather. Winter assures me that I am strong, invincible, rigorous, and healthy. Yup, I am THAT girl. I am the one you want to pelt with icicles when I skip along your frozen street whistling with joy.


Dog Park detective: Carver Park Reserve

The Day: April 11, a gorgeous 60 degrees

The Dog: PJ, a pointer/husky mix

The Park: Carver Park Reserve, off Highway 5 in Victoria

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