Minneapolis wins top dog-friendly city in Midwest!

Give yourselves a round of ap-paw-se, Sidewalk Doggers: we’ve got something to brag about. According to the September issue of Dog Fancy Magazine, Minneapolis is the best dog-friendly city in the Midwest! Yip yip hurray!


This week in Saint Paul: Monday, September 8–Sunday 14, 2014

2015 Almanac Release Party

This week is an important week in a lot of ways. We are looking forward as much as we are remembering the stories of our past, both recent and distant. We are remembering a summer that has already come to an end with the shuttering of the State Fair and the start of school and is having its last pieces put into storage with the last few festivals. It’s also the week for the 2015 Saint Paul Almanac Book Release Party at the Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar. We are glad you are with us this week. We hope to see you in Lowertown for the party, and a few other places, even if it’s just in your heart.


The 10 best Twin Cities dog friendly restaurants

(Photos by Stephanie Fox) David and Janice Bartko check out the menu at Fat Lorenzo's while Mitchell, an American cocker waits.

Minnesota joined the civilized world in 2008 by lifting the ban on dogs in restaurants. Since then, scores of restaurants and bars have opened their tables to Canine Americans and their people. Grab a leash and come hungry; we’ve gone through and picked out our favorite ten Twin Cities dog friendly restaurants.

But, hurry! There’s only a month left before most of these restaurants close their door to dogs until next spring. Carpus canus!


The social life of yards with Ursula Lang

The podcast this week is a conversation with Ursula Lang, a PhD candidate in geography at the University of Minnesota who is just completing her dissertation on the social life of yards; I know Ursula through my experience in the same Geography Department. I sat down with her the other day at Cahoots Coffee Shop in Saint Paul to talk bout her research, in which she interviewed and studied people who “practice their yards” in three different neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Ursula explained to me about the history of yards as an idea and a physical space, how people view and experience yards differently, and why thinking about yards might reveal something important about the value of overlooked aspects of everyday life.


R and R for all, at home or under the stars

I’m a Minnesotan, I suppose, since I’ve been here longer than anywhere I’ve ever lived before. And as a Minnesotan, I camp. If I were to assign a taxonomic rank to my camping it would be: Princess. Not quite of the species Glamping — oh no, I’m still too much of a Midwesterner for that, but certainly no direct relation to the Roughing Itfamily either.


Mashie, niblick, limerick

In an increasingly busy, hyper-productive, multi-tasking world, many of us are overwhelmed with undone work and yet are still blessed with ample time to examine and complain about the prioritizing skills of other people. I may have absolutely no idea what it takes to do your job, but I know sloughing off when I see it! And as Americans, it is our birthright to offer uninformed criticism of our leaders. That’s how we manage to get outrage over President Obama’s interest in golf.


Doggie Date: Dog Day MIA

What: An FREE outdoor afternoon of dogs, art, and fun, hosted by the MIA and Sidewalk Dog

When: Sunday, September 7 from 1:00 – 4:00pm

Where: Target Park at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (map)


TC Weekend | Concrete and Grass Music Fest, Wedge 40th Anniversary, Summer Beer Dabbler, Nokomis Monarch Fest and much more!

September may usher in the end of the summer season, but the outdoor festivities roll on this weekend with a flurry of fun events to enjoy. Butterflies, peace poems, music, cultural festivals, night markets -- you name it, this weekend has it! Scroll down to see what’s on tap.


TC Spotlight | Thrift stores to help your back-to-school shopping

With the students going back to school and the change of seasons fastly approaching, we thought we'd place a spotlight on thrift shops going into the long holiday weekend.

Thrift store shopping is all the rage these days. Whether it’s due to the economic turndown, the recycling movement, or other factors, more Americans are turning to thrift stores to search for hidden treasures and bargain prices.


Project DIVA's Back to School Teen Fashion Show

(Photo credit: Devina Moore of And More Photography) Project DIVA

Project DIVA held a Back to School Teen Fashion Show at the Capri Theater (2027 West Broadway Ave.) to both celebrate the beginning of a new school year and to kick-off the grand opening for its new boutique, called Raiding a DIVA's Closet, in north Minneapolis.

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