Mom's refrigerator

My parents lived just three blocks away from me until a couple of months ago when we needed to move them. Their decline was gradual and because they lived close by I was able to keep an eye on them and help them stay in their home.


More than wishful thinking

We are all shopping and chopping and flying and driving and working and studying and praying and worrying and hopinghopinghoping for a better day tomorrow.


Champion climbers

I’ve completed my annual Excursion of Terror up and down our almost-big-enough aluminum ladder to place six strings of gigantic old energy-burning Christmas lights at the peaks of our gables. Each year another handful burn out and I replace them. Each year I think about the falling-off-a-ladder injury and death statistics for men in their ’50’s. Apparently we are oblivious to the rules of ladder safety, which for men in my age group, starts with “Stay Off The Ladder!”


Ironic meetings of ghosts at the Irish Fair of Minnesota on Saint Paul's Harriet Island

The Irish Fair’s site along the pewter-gray, spreading Mississippi beneath downtown Saint Paul on the ample greensward of Harriet Island is majestic and invites celebration. The bustling and music-crammed Irish Fair with its snowy canvas tents, its black-tinted signposts, and plentiful green turf offers an Ireland of the mind to its visitors. Whether Irish-American, native-born Irish, or simply a non-Irish person casually intrigued by the inviting complexity of Irish culture, the Fair’s lack of an admission charge, handsome location, and more than forty performing musical and dance groups gently stimulates the imagination.


This week in Saint Paul: Monday, November 24–Sunday, November 30, 2014

Yes, it’s winter, several weeks early. In honor of an early winter, I won’t make you stand here freezing for long. We’ll get right to the business of art and literature and culture.


Dressember puts women in dresses for a cause, despite the weather

(Photo courtesy of Dressember) Dressember member Maleni Garcia donning a white dress.

This December, you might notice people wearing more dresses than usual. For 31 days, “Dressember” ask participants to wear dresses in order to embrace the inherent freedom and femininity of all women, while fighting against crimes of sexual violence.


What the Puck? New Swedish playground-like sport to come to St. Paul

(Photo by Glósóli Ateljé/ David Puig Serinyà) A Puckelball field in Stockholm, Sweden.

The midfielder is moving the ball through the center circle. He’s dribbling past a defender, looks for a teammate, passes the ball and it stops because of a bump in the field, right in front of the eighteen-yard box. Welcome to the game of Puckelball.


10 things that make St. Paul cooler than Minneapolis

(Photo by Ryan Desiderio published under Creative Commons License)

The rivalry between St. Paul and Minneapolis has been called a Tale of Two Cities, but that’s not really accurate. It’s another story altogether. St. Paul is the ugly duckling, turned beautiful swan. While Minneapolis slept, St. Paul became the cool place. Don’t believe me? Here are 10 reasons why St. Paul is cooler than Minneapolis.


This week in Saint Paul: Monday, November 17–Sunday, November 23, 2014

First off, thanks to everyone who joined us and gave us a shout-out for Give to the Max Day. Along with the promise of a slight warm-up, that support is helping me start this week with hopes for more great happenings and being released from last week’s winter air. It is a luxury to reach toward Thanksgiving without snow and without cold, but it seems that we are due for a small treat if not a bask in comfort as we approach my favorite holiday. The weather frustrated some of the events in last week’s arts calendar. I think that means we have to appreciate this week even more.


Minnesota Pet Food Drive makes a difference for rescue dogs

With the holiday season fast approaching, folks are looking for ways to give back and impact their communities. And if we know you, SWDers (and we think we do do), you’re sniffing around in search of animals in need.

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