St. Anthony Park Area Seniors wants to know what seniors want

St. Anthony Park Area Seniors is launching a study with a Wilder Foundation research team to find out what prospective clients may want from the organization.


Dog Park detective: Battle Creek

The Day:April 4, a sunny 50 degrees

The Dog: PJ, a pointer/husky mix

The Park: Battle Creek, off I-94 and McKnight Road in Maplewood


Nancy Brataas: Leader, pioneer, definer of democracy

How many times have we mused about the “good old days” when our political system understood the role of compromise and measured success in terms of the positive impact it had on the common good.


Lost and found: My Minne-Mex journey

The following is the story I shared last month at Sanctuary’s first story telling event: "The Story"


MayDay 2014 starting the Joy early

The MayDay Parade has a new start time this year. The partying puppets and associates will begin their entertaining of the parade viewers starting at Noon on May 4th, 2014, an hour earlier then previous years. The Ceremony will commence at its customary (approximate) 3:30 p.m. time, allowing the Sun to get into position. Powderhorn Park will be vibrant with the MayDay Festival for all the daylight hours. Simply start your joy on MayDay an hour earlier.

COMMUNITY VOICES | Join 30 Days of Community with the Cleveland Neighborhood Association

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We're half way through 30 Days of Community, a series of community events in north Minneapolis put on by the Cleveland Neighborhood Association, but there's still plenty of time for you to join in


The stress cycle and restaurant noise

I’ve been writing about my experiences when I go somewhere for a meal. More and more, noise has become an important ambience issue. It led a local writer to lash out at places that make one raise one’s voice to be heard. It became part of an ongoing news story:


And you shall call me the Gray Enchantress!

My son begs me daily to dye my hair. Apparently, he is having none of the "aging gracefully" attitude I am trying to embrace and the white stripes which have started to bookend my face verily annoy him. Personally, I think they make me look rakish.


A convert's Passover: Lutefisk out of water

As a convert to Judaism, there is a part of me that will always feel a bit like Lutefisk trying to be Gefilte fish. My first Passover Seder was no exception as I tried, desperately, to fit in. There are a few things that would have been good to know:


This week in Saint Paul: Monday, April 14–Sunday, April 20, 2014

Welcome to single-sort, curbside recycling, Saint Paul! We are following the simplest of recycling adages: keep it simple and people will use it. If I can fit all of my recycling into one bag, will I have room for more art in another? Saint Paul is reducing, reusing, and recycling. I hope this affords us more creative spaces and the time to fill them with talent. I've listed a few examples here.

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