Letter carriers' food drive tops one million pounds of food

Letter carrier Veronica Feneis arrived at the Cub Foods parking lot about 4:45 p.m. Saturday, May 10, her Postal Service truck full of blue plastic bags stuffed with food donated by people along her carrier route. She reported: “Lots of people gave this year — lots!”


July 19-20: Street festival, picnic will honor 80th anniversary of 1934 Teamsters strikes

The North Loop neighborhood is known today for trendy new apartments and condos, bars and restaurants, but 80 years ago it was the scene of bloody hand-to-hand combat on the streets between striking members of Teamsters Local 574 and a private army fielded by the business community to break the strike.


Ready to Work panel helps prepare Lyndale job seekers

The employer panel answers questions from participants

As participants entered the space normally set up for Lyndale's ESL classes, conversation buzzed with the anticipation of a different, innovative kind of event—a job seeker’s workshop.


Minnesota Department of Human Services' Gregory Gray reflects on a lifetime of public service

Gregory Gray (Photo by Charles Hallman)

“I think the one thing that links most of my career in public service has been some type of advocacy or support for communities of color and low-income communities,” says Gregory Gray, looking back at his many years of life and service in the public sector. Gray’s service has included stints with the Minneapolis Urban League, the Minnesota House Minority Caucus, Community Action of Minneapolis, and the Legislative Commission to End Poverty By 2020, as well as working with former Minnesota State Representative Neva Walker on immigration issues.


Symposium highlights union role in creating a quality workforce

Unions play a pivotal role in the cooperative system for training workers in Germany.

More than 100 labor, business, education and government leaders came together at the University of Minnesota on May 27 to discuss the future of workforce training in Minnesota.


Building Trades unions combine efforts to pass responsible contractor legislation

The Carpenters Union was a leading proponent of responsible contractor legislation. (Photo courtesy of North Country Carpenter)

When it comes to public construction projects in Minnesota, the law says that the lowest responsible bidder gets the job. What constitutes a “responsible bidder” wasn’t clearly defined in the law, however.


Housekeepers more injury prone than coal miners

Hotel room cleaning is a backbreaking job, with intense workloads, time pressures and repetitive lifting motions. Four weeks prior to the date they were interviewed, ninety-five percent of housekeepers reported enduring occupational-related injuries - according to one survey of 1,000 Las Vegas hotel workers. Most of these workers barely make a living wage while their employers are making millions in profits off their labor. Women and people of color are disproportionately bearing the brunt of these unsafe working conditions.


Legislature improves law governing public sector collective bargaining

Amid the many bills approved in the 2014 legislative session is a measure that significantly streamlines the state’s public employee collective bargaining process.


Workers, riders demand greater support for transit

Workers and riders rallied Tuesday for better funding of mass transit.

The workers who operate our transit system – and the people who depend on that service – rallied Tuesday in Minneapolis and across the nation for better funding at the state and federal levels.


Hotel profitability coming at workers' expense

The hotel industry in the Twin Cities metropolitan region has made a strong recovery out of the Great Recession, but not everyone is benefiting from the industry’s progress.

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