Janitors celebrate Target win

The Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en La Lucha (CTUL) celebrated a victory June 10, as Target adopted a new policy to protect the rights of janitors who clean Target stores. The janitors work for contractors, not as direct employees of Target. Under the new Responsible Contractor Policy, Target will ensure that workers have rights to collectively bargain, to form safety committees in the workplace, and that they not be forced to work seven days a week.


OPINION | Opportunity gaps persist after college graduation

In roughly three months’ time, as classrooms fill and teachers work to engage and motivate their new charges, many students will hear a time-honored presentation on the importance of a college degree. College degrees, they will be told, increase your likelihood of getting a job, and they increase how much you will be paid over the course of your career.


What's needed to 'move on up' in Minnesota?

The scene opens to a shot of a rental truck rolling down the streets of Manhattan. Cue the music, “Well we’re movin’ on up.” A taxi cab trails behind the truck. “To the East Side.” In the back seat of the cab are George and Louise Jefferson, who are moving “to a deluxe apartment in the sky.”


Twin Cities workers join nationwide Walmart strike

U.S. Rep Keith Ellison hugs Cantare Davunt, who walked out of her job at Walmart in Apple Valley to join the OUR Walmart strike. (Photo by Michael Moore)

Walmart associates from Apple Valley and Brooklyn Center walked off the job Wednesday, joining another nationwide wave of strikes and demonstrations targeting the world’s largest retailer for its low pay and retaliation against workers looking to organize.


Descendants of 1934's Teamster strikers carry proud legacy

Left, Colleen Casey, granddaughter of Edward "Al" Nass; Right, Linnea Sommer, granddaughter of Chester Johnson

The 10 or so people gathering in a 1920s home in St. Paul might have been meeting for the first time, but they forged an instant bond. Their parents or grandparents 80 years ago stood together and fought in the streets of Minneapolis for the right to organize a union during 1934’s Teamsters strikes.


Letter carriers' food drive tops one million pounds of food

Letter carrier Veronica Feneis arrived at the Cub Foods parking lot about 4:45 p.m. Saturday, May 10, her Postal Service truck full of blue plastic bags stuffed with food donated by people along her carrier route. She reported: “Lots of people gave this year — lots!”


July 19-20: Street festival, picnic will honor 80th anniversary of 1934 Teamsters strikes

The North Loop neighborhood is known today for trendy new apartments and condos, bars and restaurants, but 80 years ago it was the scene of bloody hand-to-hand combat on the streets between striking members of Teamsters Local 574 and a private army fielded by the business community to break the strike.


Ready to Work panel helps prepare Lyndale job seekers

The employer panel answers questions from participants

As participants entered the space normally set up for Lyndale's ESL classes, conversation buzzed with the anticipation of a different, innovative kind of event—a job seeker’s workshop.


Minnesota Department of Human Services' Gregory Gray reflects on a lifetime of public service

Gregory Gray (Photo by Charles Hallman)

“I think the one thing that links most of my career in public service has been some type of advocacy or support for communities of color and low-income communities,” says Gregory Gray, looking back at his many years of life and service in the public sector. Gray’s service has included stints with the Minneapolis Urban League, the Minnesota House Minority Caucus, Community Action of Minneapolis, and the Legislative Commission to End Poverty By 2020, as well as working with former Minnesota State Representative Neva Walker on immigration issues.


Symposium highlights union role in creating a quality workforce

Unions play a pivotal role in the cooperative system for training workers in Germany.

More than 100 labor, business, education and government leaders came together at the University of Minnesota on May 27 to discuss the future of workforce training in Minnesota.

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