How do your wages stack up? New analysis pinpoints cost of living in Minnesota

As debate swirled at the State Capitol in recent years over whether – and how much – to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage, lawmakers found themselves confronted with a question their own experts could


More slaves today than at any other time in history

There are more slaves today than at any point in history. They labor in fields and factories, under brutal “owners” who threaten violence if they try to escape.


Wage increase, organizing were highlights of 2014

In August, home health workers declared victory in the largest union election in Minnesota history. Video produced by Howard Kling, Labor Education Service, University of Minnesota

The first minimum wage increase in nine years and the union vote by 26,000 home health care workers were among the highlights for Minnesota’s workers in 2014.


Minimum wage hike brutal for Minnesota jobs?

That’s what the rich man’s whimpering, groveling propagandists claim, so it must be true, correct? Aren’t they the great minds of our era? Such grotesque interference with the awesome power of the markets is bound to be catastrophic, right?


Firing of baggage handler may spur Metropolitan Airports Commission to adopt labor ordinance

(Still from video by Labor Education Service, below0

Delta Air Lines baggage handler Kip Hedges, fired for speaking out about low wages at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, took his case to the Metropolitan Airports Commission Monday – and commissioners said they will consider endorsing worker rights through a “labor peace ordinance.”


MSP airport workers win paid sick leave

Workers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport celebrate a new policy qualifying them for paid sick leave.

Workers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport will qualify for paid sick leave under a new policy adopted Monday by the Metropolitan Airports Commission. The decision is being hailed as a groundbreaking move that will benefit thousands of workers.


OPINION | Shut up and work: The question of free speech on the job

"Discussing political views is not advisable." This 1905 rule for Iowa teachers apparently also applies to Delta Air Lines workers in 2014.

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