The state as a model employer

Our public workforce should reflect our state’s diversity, but Minnesota is not living up to this standard. Research shows that 10 percent of Minnesota’s civilian noninstitutionalized population has a disability, but only a little more than three percent of state public employees are disabled. The state’s disabled workforce has been shrinking for 15 years—now is the time to reverse the trend.


Union vote begins among home health care workers

(Screenshot from video by Howard Kling) Home care workers filed for a union election in July.

Some 26,000 home health care workers across Minnesota are voting this month whether to join a union.


Cafe charging "minimum wage fee" to "offset state increase of minimum wage for tipped employees"

A reader sent Bluestem the photograph of a tap from a restaurant in the east metro, to which a "minimum wage fee" of thirty-five cents has been tacked on to a fifteen dollar tab.


Before and after Entenza: What has Rebecca Otto said about protecting Minnesota's public pensions?

While Matt Entenza's new television ad highlights his campaign talking point about the need for the state auditor to battle the drive to privatize public pensions, little light has been shone in the media about where incumbent auditor and endorsed DFL candidate Rebecca Otto stands.


Celebrating progress for Minnesota

Thousands of Minnesotans are getting a long overdue raise as the state's first minimum wage increase in nine years goes into effect. The state minimum wage for large employers, at $8.00 per hour starting today, will increase to $9.00 in 2015 and $9.50 in 2016 followed by annual cost of living increases. This is great news for workers, for businesses and for our economy. Minnesota 2020 joined members of the Raise the Wage Coalition to celebrate this important step in moving Minnesota forward.


OPINION | The pension problem: Another misleading conservative "crisis"

Minnesota’s pension problem is not the problem that conservative policy advocates assert. Rather, our problem is that Minnesota would be better off if more Minnesotans had pensions.


Raise the Wage Coalition invites partners and supporters to victory party August 1

Minnesota’s minimum wage goes up Friday, August 1, the first increase since 2005 and the first step of several increases that will boost the minimum wage to $9.50 by 2016.


OPINION | Vote labor on Tuesday, August 12 in state, local primary elections

Tuesday, August 12 may or may not be on your radar, but it should be: that’s the day for Minnesota’s primary election.


University of St. Thomas votes against unionizing

Photo courtesy of Minnesota 2020

After weeks of contention, the University of St. Thomas voted against unionizing adjunct faculty late yesterday afternoon.

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