Joe Soucheray vs. artists: Is Lowertown finally an active front in the Culture Wars?


2 thoughts on “Joe Soucheray vs. artists: Is Lowertown finally an active front in the Culture Wars?

  1. Soucheray’s article was not only offensive, it was just plain stupid. The man has chutzpah writing about art when he clearly hasn’t got a clue. Big name brands have co-opted American art since the 1940s, so Soucheray’s cheerleading for the stadium moguls is a bit out of date and very misinformed. Artists aren’t looking for the Chamber of Commerce to step in and “incorporate art” into their projects. It’s about values, stupid.  Had Soucheray bothered to do a few actual interviews with some of the artists, just to get their point of view first hand, his article might have contained a bit of journalism. As it stands, why would any reputable media outlet give space to a bombastic know-nothing who’s too lazy to even do his job properly?  

  2. Unfortunately, some of Fearless Joe’s fantasies have been known to become realities, especially when the local establishment (which in this case involves a number of “Progressives”) support it. I believe I can safely predict the current site of “The Black Dog Cafe” will be gutted, the historic facade kept and the interior transformed into a parking ramp except for the first floor northwest corner (the current Black Dog Cafe).

    Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the “(fill-in-the-name-of-some-recently-deceased DFL notable) Parking Ramps anchored with the new and improved “Black Dog Sports Bar and Micro-Brewery” which will feature art from our very own local artists.

    Then Fearless Joe will lament those by-gone days when we could smoke in the stands, because there’s always something he needs to wax nostalic for.

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