Internships with TC Daily Planet

The TC Daily Planet is committed to fostering citizen journalism, and to training and mentoring journalism in the community. This includes training and mentoring interns who may or may not choose journalism as a career. Here’s what to expect:

1. Weekly writers’ group meeting and additional meetings with editor, as needed – to share experiences, assign stories, troubleshoot problems, discuss coverage.

2. Assignment of stories throughout the Twin Cities. Expect to include photos and video with some assignments, and to use social media in reporting. Also expect that your assignments will include a variety of topics, story formats, and lengths. 

3. Email communication is highly important. You will be expected to check in regularly on the progress of your stories, or to ask questions as they arise. Editorial responses will be made by e-mail. You will also learn how to upload stories and photos directly to the Daily Planet website. 

4. No story will be published until reporters’ notes are filed. Notes should include names and contact info for sources, and URLs for any on-line sources, to make fact-checking possible. 

5. We hope that each story will be a publishable story, but publication will be at the editor’s discretion.

6. In addition to specific story assignments, interns may be assigned other tasks such as research assignments (e.g.,  compiling database of city council candidates), news monitoring (e.g., review of neighborhood newspapers or online forums for article ideas), and data entry or uploading articles, events, and attractions to TCDP website.