Hofstede vs. Frey in Minneapolis Third Ward city council race


2 thoughts on “Hofstede vs. Frey in Minneapolis Third Ward city council race

  1. I’ve been both a fan and critic of Diane Hofstede; and, I also have a good deal of respect for both Diane and Jacob’s intelligence and humanity.  

    As a DFL Senate District 60 Central Committee member who had a lousy beginning last spring, due to the company I began to keep for a short while in the political arena, I made untowardly comments about Diane’s integrity on Mineapolis Forum of e-democracy.org.  

    As a promise to our former SD chairman, I have promised to not engage in criticism of either Jacob or Diane, but to maintain an upbeat and neutral position for both of them.  I do not live in their ward.  I like to think of Jacob as my friend, and I think of Diane as I would of a favorite aunt.

    My thoughts on requiring council members returning telephone calls to all callers within 24 hours, I believe, is not realistic.  Apart from answeing all calls, CMs have a lot of other work to be done.

    I have been active as a constituent with questions, ideas, and comments from the city council level to the federal level since 1979.  If I get a comment from an elected official within a month, unless something is exceptionally urgent, I am happy.

    Al Franken, Keith Ellison, and Phyllis Kahn take a week or two to get back to me on petitions that I sign and send to them — the responses being for petitions from the entire class of signers.  State Senator Kari Dziedzic’s official email does not allow for any kind of traffic — only to her website address, so I never get a response from my mass petitition signings.  

    I am quite happy with this, except for Kari’s email not being responsive to petitions from her constituents.  This is endemic to the senate programming, and Kari does publish an alternative email than most petition originators apparently are not aware of in their logistics departments.

    Regarding Jacob and Diane, and other elected officials at any local to federal office, I believe that neither Jacob nor Diane should feel the need to be on such a rigorous “return schedule.”  

    However, legend has it that Diane has been lax on returning calls, and that information has come from generally sour-spirits.  Additionally, Diane and I have spoken about how she believes the press often enough does not do her justice in their stories.  I believe she was sincere in her response to my questions.

    As for Jacob, I believe his legal training, creativity, spirit, optimism, and pragmatism, would add new sparkle and additional quality to a new council, were others to lose their bids for re-election.


  2. We should be careful not to accept as valid all the claims CM Hofstede makes about what she’s done. For example, she falsely claims “Move In/Move Out” (MIMO) as something she did. It was a highly successful program designed and run by a neighborhood organizations–the South East Como Improvement Association–that had nothing to do with Hofstede, or her ward. Anyone could contribute to the articles freely exchanged, and Third Ward folks did. But, her work? Please.




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